Countering the Corrupt

This book pulls together the themes discussed at four conferences on the fight against corruption in Africa which were held between 2014 and 2018 and which were organised by the KAS' Rule of Law Program for Sub Saharan Africa and the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa. The book endeavours to share with the readers, the gist of those discussions in ‘a digestible and easily accessible format’.



Chapter 1 - The Four Conferences

Chapter 2 - The Mission of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Chapter 3 - The Objectives of Accountability Now

Chapter 4 - The Purpose of Writing this Book

Chapter 5 - Toward a Definition of Corruption

Chapter 6 - The effects of Petty Corruption

Chapter 7 - The effects of Grand Corruption

Chapter 8 - The Need for effective and efficient Anti-Corruption machinery of State

Chapter 9 - The Criteria by which to evaluate Anti-Corruption Structures and Operations

Chapter 10 - To Be or Not to Be — an International Anti-Corruption Court

Chapter 11 - Identifying the Perpetrators of Corruption

Chapter 12 - Corruption as a Human Rights Violation

Chapter 13 - Corruption as a Crime Against the State and the Poor

Chapter 14 - The Protection of Whistle Blowers

Chapter 15 - The Regulation of Procurement of Goods and Services by the State

Chapter 16 - Corruption as a Whole-of-Society Challenge

Chapter 17 - The Role of Education in Countering the Corrupt

Chapter 18 - Minimum Sentencing and Other Punishment of the Corrupt

Chapter 19 - Preservation and Forfeiture of the Loot of Corruption

Chapter 20 - Appointment Procedures that Ensure Independence

Chapter 21 - The Role of Various Forms of Oversight in Countering Corruption

Chapter 22 - The Need to Nurture the Political Will to Eradicate Corruption

Chapter 23 - Excursus on Corruption in the Judiciary





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