EU-Project Launch; Together for peace

KAS Tanzania in partnership with ZAFELA is implementing an EU Funded Project, Contributing to conflict resolution and a peaceful political environment in Zanzibar

“Together For Peace” will focus on capacity building, strengthening dialogues between targeted members of political parties, religious leaders and CSOs as well as engaging in an exchange of opinions towards resolving any political conflicts spearheading peace building in Zanzibar.


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Live Coverage from ZBC TV


Zum Kalender hinzufügen


Double Tree Hotel, Stone Town Zanzibar


  • KAS Country Director
    • Dr. Feltes Tilmann
  • Lead Project Manager
    • Maria Kayombo
  • ZAFELA Director
    • Jamila Simai

Anitha Kabanza Mwanga

Anitha Kabanza Mwanga Portrait

Verwaltungs- und Projektassistentin

Anitha-Kabanza.Mwanga@kas.de +255 222153174
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