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On 24 November 2022, the Chatham House Africa Program, in partnership with KAS, convened a public webinar event on Tanzanian foreign policy.

The Webinar explored Tanzania’s international partnerships and external engagements in a context of global geopolitical change marked by war in Ukraine, climate change and the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It also marked the first in a series in partnership with KAS on Tanzania’s Foreign Policy Agenda: Economic Diplomacy and International Agency.



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The main focus of this Webinar was Tanzania’s foreign policy, whereby its main foreign relations strategy document was published in 2001.

This Document marked a shift towards economic considerations in Tanzania’s external engagement, while retaining traditional core principles such as non-alignment and South–South cooperation. With the policy now more than two decades old, it is confirmed that an official review is underway to update it.

Event participants noted that this review is a recognition both of the major international shifts of the last 20 years – most notably in terms of increasing multipolarity, the rise of emerging powers such as China, and the response to challenges such as climate change – and those within Tanzania, with the country having graduated to lower middle-income country status in 2020 according to the World Bank. It also reflects current issues dominating the international stage, in particular the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The following sections summarize the key issues and considerations raised at the event.

The event report linked to this article summarizes the key findings and themes of the discussion about:

  • Non-alignment and the war in Ukraine
  • Evolving bilateral and regional relations
  • Values and norms in foreign policy
  • Long term trends


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  • Dr Gwamaka Kifukwe
    • Policy Fellow
    • European Council on Foreign Relations Dr Aikande Kwayu
    • Researcher and Consultant
    • Bumaco Limited Dr Muhidin Shangwe
    • Lecturer
    • Department of Political Science and Public Administration
    • University of Dar es Salaam

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