China Talk 23

The future of world order: a view from China

The seminar co-organised by KAS and DAV facilitated a robust exchange of ideas, insights and perspectives on the future of world order.
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Improve the effectiveness of management and use of State budget

The National Assembly ’s Finance and Budget Committee, with KAS support, organized workshop on the roadmap for shortening process and duration of the State final accounts approval.
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Überarbeitung des Staatsbeteiligungsgesetzes

Die KAS Vietnam hat den Finanz- und Haushaltsausschuss der Nationalversammlung bei der Organisation eines Workshops zur Reform des Staatsbeteiligungsgesetzes unterstützt.
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Visit of 5 stiftungs copy

United for a German-Vietnamese development partnership!

On 26/3 we welcomed colleagues from German foundations to KAS office. It was to share admin experiences and best practices from the work of German foundations present in Vietnam.

How to ensure maritime connectivity in a fragmenting world?

The 12th Ocean Dialogue co-organized by KAS and DAV tried to provide answers in a multidisciplinary approach at the nexus of foreign policy, international law, maritime science.
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Die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung ist eine deutsche politische Stiftung. In Vietnam sind wir seit 1993 mit unserem Büro vertreten. Zusammen mit unseren vietnamesischen Partnern arbeiten wir in den Bereichen Rechtsstaatsdialog, repräsentative Demokratie, nachhaltige und soziale Marktwirtschaft, sowie regionale und internationale Integration. Mit unterschiedlichsten Aktivitäten wie beispielsweise Konferenzen, Workshops, Forschungsarbeiten und Publikationen, möchten wir einen Beitrag zur sozio-politischen und wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung Vietnams leisten und die internationale Kooperation und das gegenseitige Verständnis fördern.
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Verlagerung der Arbeitsplätze bis 2030 als Motor für Industrialisierung & Modernisierung in Vietnam
Die Studie wurde von dem VIDS durchgeführt und von der KAS unterstützt. Sie liefert Daten zur Verlagerung von Arbeitsplätzen und spricht Empfehlungen für die Politik aus.
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The EU Approach to Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific from Strategy to Practice
Spanning 3-years, the joint project between KAS and USSH Hanoi on "The EU Approach to Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific from Strategy to Practice" has been successfully completed!
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Top 500 Vietnamese Private Enterprises (VPE500 - Report 2023)
This is the second year KAS Vietnam supports the research on VPE500. We see a lot of changes in the rankings of businesses, especially in some industries impacted by COVID-19.
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How RCEP shapes supply chains in Vietnam
Reviewing the important research results of research "How RCEP shapes supply chains in Vietnam". It is carried out by NCIF and supported by KAS Vietnam.
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Assessement of Top500 Vietnamese Private Enterprises (VPE500)
Top500 Vietnamese private enterprises are analysed to provide policy implications to develop the private sector in Vietnam. The study is implemented by MPI think tank - NCIF
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A publication by USSH with KAS Vietnam's support
Book Introduction - International Relations in the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Region
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Provincial Open Budget Index Survey 2020 launched
As many as 27 out 63 cities and provinces have made their local budget open to the public. However, people's participation in budget watch remains limited.
Provincial Open Budget Index Survey 2019
POBI is a tool to help provinces and cities measure the level of openness and transparency in State budget management and the level of implementation of the Law on State Budget.
Photo KAS Vietnam : Candidates and judges of the Student Contest
A Competition for Undergraduate Students
Innovation For Networked Security Policy – Coping With Food Insecurity And Climate Change
The final round of the competition, which aims to find innovative solutions for food insecurity in the Mekong River Delta, takes place in Ho Chi Minh City between Sep.18-21.2020..




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