Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam mourns the departure of Dr. Köppinger

In memory of the Founder and first Resident Representative of KAS Vietnam

Current Resident Representative Florian Feyerabend about the death of his predecessor: "My sincere condolences to the family and friends of my predecessor and founding father of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam. His commitment was crucial for setting up our office in Hanoi. He was a true friend of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people."


Quarterly Economic Report II/2021

VEPR Independent Assessment of Vietnam's Macro-economic Performance

In Q2/2021, Viet Nam's economy grew at 6.61% (yoy). The growth in the agro-forestry-fishery, service and industrial sectors increased in the first half of 2021. The FDI sector played crucial roles in economic growth through exports.

Provincial Open Budget Index (POBI 2020)

POBI contributes to transparent State budget management

The survey showed that in 2020, 27 provinces and cities fully publicized documents and information about their State budget spending, three localities more than 2019. Meanwhile, those publishing relatively sufficient information stood at 29, up two provinces. The provinces with sufficient or little information were five and two respectively.


Awarding Ceremony and hand-over to the KAS Country Representative Peter Girke

On May 26th, 2021, Vice Minister of Justice Mr. Phan Chi Hieu presented a prestigious medal to Mr. Peter Girke, Country Representative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam, to recognize his contribution to the justice development in Vietnam. The medal “Contribution to the Justice Development in Vietnam” is the highest award granted by Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Mr. Girke is the first foreigner receiving the honour. Addressing the ceremony, Vice Minister Hieu highly appreciated the good cooperation between the Ministry and KAS Vietnam as well as Mr. Girke’s contribution during his 5-year term to the Vietnamese-German Rule of Law Dialogue. The Vice Minister emphasised the support of legislative processes and the capacity building for legal officers. He also expressed the wish for continuous support and cooperation from the German Ministry of Justice and the German Embassy. The KAS Country Representative expressed his gratitude to the MoJ for granting him the noble medal and highlighted, that this award is a distinction for the entire KAS team in Vietnam. Mr. Girke also appreciated the fruitful cooperation with the different departments of the MoJ. He pleaded for a lasting and further deepened cooperation in the framework of the Rule of Law Dialogue. Attending the awarding ceremony at the Justice Ministry in Hanoi were Deputy German Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Weert Börner, the First Counselor of the German Embassy, Dr. Sebastian Paust, as well as representatives of relevant departments and KAS staff. – KAS


China Talk 17

Over the last 5 years, KAS Vietnam has been supporting its partner – Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam organized the China Talk series, and this is now the 17th China Talk with the topic is “Priorities and outlook for China's foreign policy from present to the 20th Party Congress“. This topic was selected in the context that China's communist party is preparing for its 20th Party Congress at the end of the 2022 with multiple issues of interest related to the economy, the pandemic, the relation with the US and their partners… But there is also the question of Xi Jinping's leadership and the question of a possible succession. The main speaker for China talk 17 is Richard McGregor, senior fellow at the Lowy Institute, Australia. Richard McGregor is an award-winning journalist and author of many valuable publications. Richard is also known as an expert on China’s political system and the workings and structure of the communist party. The two commentators provided insightful comments over the topic are: 1. Mr. Ewan Lawson, former Senior Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute and 2. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Director, Centre for International Studies (SCIS), University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University ‐ Ho Chi Minh City. Moderator of the event is Dr Le Dinh Tinh, Director General, Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. For the first time, a China Talk has to run completely virtual. Still, it received more than hundred online participants. China Talk series is always one of the greatest joint activities between KAS Vietnam and Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and it showed that learning and understanding about China seems to be the never ending. The China Talk 18 is expected to be organized in October 2021.

Quarterly Economic Report I/2021

Independent Assessement of Vietnam Macroeconomic Performance by VEPR

Vietnam's economy maintained a growth rate of 4.48% (yoy) in Q1/2021, equal to the rate of Q4/2020 and higher than that of the same period in 2020 (3.82% (yoy)). In 2020, the country had 29,300 newly registered enterprises, with a total registered capital of more than VND 447.8 trillion and 245.6 thousand registered employees, recording a decrease of 1.4% in the number of enterprises, an increase of 27.5% in registered capital, and a climb of 0.8% in the number of employees, compared to the same period of 2020.

Báo Cáo Kinh Tế Quý IV/ 2020

Nghiên cứu độc lập của Viện Nghiên Cứu Kinh Tế và Chính Sách

Trước ảnh hưởng nghiêm trọng của COVID-19 lên kinh tế toàn cầu, Việt Nam là một trong số ít các quốc gia trên thế giới có mức tăng trưởng kinh tế dương trong Quý 4/2020, đạt 4,48% (yoy). Tính chung năm 2020, cả nước có 134,9 nghìn doanh nghiệp đăng ký thành lập mới với tổng số vốn đăng ký là hơn 2.235,6 nghìn tỷ đồng và tổng số lao động đăng ký là 1.043 nghìn lao động, giảm 2,3% về số doanh nghiệp, tăng 29,2% về vốn đăng ký và giảm 16,9% về số lao động so với năm 2019.

KAS Vietnam

Vietnam vor dem Parteikongress – Gestärkt durch die Krise?

Der Nationalkongress der Kommunistischen Partei Vietnams stellt die Weichen für die kommenden fünf Jahre

Ende Januar 2021 steht der 13. Nationalkongress der Kommunistischen Partei Vietnams an. Auf diesem wird die politische Führung neu bestimmt werden. Die Ergebnisse des Kongresses werden die künftige innen- und außenpolitische Richtung bestimmen und wegweisend für die Wirtschaft Vietnams in den kommenden fünf Jahren sein. Ein Rückblick auf die vergangenen Monate zeigt, dass die Partei gestärkt in Klausur geht. Insgesamt war 2020 für Vietnam ein schwieriges und zugleich erfolgreiches Jahr. Der Umgang mit der Covid-19-Pandemie stellte das Land vor enorme Herausforderungen, die aber gesundheitspolitisch und wirtschaftlich im weltweiten Vergleich sehr gut bewältigt wurden. Gleichzeitig hatte Vietnam mit Beginn der UN-Sicherheitsratsmitgliedschaft und dem ASEAN-Vorsitz auf der internationalen Bühne in einer Doppelverantwortung zu bestehen. Mit Näherrücken des Parteitages wurde gleichzeitig sichtbar, dass die Partei ihre umfassende Macht und das politische System gegen jede Kritik vehement verteidigt.

Hang Pham

Synthesizing and Approving the Final Accounts of Provincial Budget

Experts share experiences in verifying and approving local budget

The National Assembly’s Finance and Budget Committee and KAS Vietnam jointly organize a seminar to arm officials of People’s Councils and People’s Committee in the Northern region with the skills in synthesizing and approving the final accounts of provincial budget.


Course Dissemination "Multilateral Diplomacy"

2020 mark a big milestone in multilateral diplomacy of Vietnam when it is holding dual very important task: ASEAN Chairmanship and non-permanent member of UNSC. In times like these, when political, economic, social and environmental issues are increasingly becoming a global affair, we need to encourage our youth to take part in education on Multilateral Diplomacy more than ever – That was the starting point of this project when KAS Vietnam decided to support the Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam a 3 year activity started from 2018 with 5 phases as follows: 1. A 7-day workshop on course-building (where we had very profound experts in this field Professor Ralf Emmers and Professor Tan See Seng who came to Vietnam to conduct one week training for 12 collaborating teaching experts) 2. Syllabus building and assessment at DAV; 3. Developing course materials; 4. Pilot teaching at DAV – which I heard this new subject received very positive feedback from both teachers and students And today, 2 October 2020 is the final event to launch the course “Multilateral Diplomacy”. Speaking at the opening remark, Mr. Peter Girke confirmed: this is “a small but noble” activity. When we started this project in 2018, we didn’t never think that Vietnam shall be elected as non-permanent member of UNSC, but now it is and thus, this course becomes very trendy and there will be many practical experiences to be shared/trained when the course is in class. Mr. Do Hung Viet – Director General of the Department of International Organisation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a key notes speak in which he emphasized the role of multilateral diplomacy and how multilateral cooperation mutually support for bilateral cooperation and national interests as well. In additional to DAV, the launching workshop received participation of teachers of 17 universities nationwide who is in charge of international relation subject in their profession. This “multilateral diplomacy” is the first ever course in Vietnam and therefore it showcased the success in collaboration between KAS and DAV.