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Local Government 2020

This report analyzes the dynamics of development of the local government in the during 2020, but not detached by the events of 2019 and the recommendations for 2021.

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The report was prepared by a working group composed of independent experts and Association of Albanian Municipalities. It is based on the analysis of the findings identified by:

- The activity of the Association of Municipalities during the reporting period and the long professional experience gained by the association and its staff in monitoring of democracy, local decentralization, and public administration reforms.

- The report benefits from the knowledge of a well-known field, including the active participation in the meetings of the Consultative Council of central government-local government, which discussed strategies, laws and guidelines. Participating in meetings with central institutions also helped since their approach was very inclusive.

- The opinions and the positions of the Association on the current situation and the respective processes, on the legal framework in its dynamics, the conclusions and recommendations drawn from meetings of technical forums on the fields of activity of the local government, opinions and recommendations from regional meetings with interest groups, technical staff and civil society.

- Information gained by other sources from the cooperation and implementation of projects, from donors, experts and partners of the Association.

- Research into various reports, publications or a number of articles prepared as part of the policies, projects or activities of various public institutions operating in the area of local government.

- Comparative results of local government performance in Albania and other countries in the region of Southeast Europe that provided by NALAS (Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe), which the Association of Municipalities is currently a member of.


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