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Learning Europe and acting Europe

Explaining and involving the process of integration

AOn the occasion of Europe Day on May 09, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Albania organized in cooperation with experts and professors from the Department of European Integration of the Universities of Durres and Tirana an event for young people in the Palace of Culture in Durres

Strong counties serving their citizens

The future of regional governance in Albania

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Albania in cooperation with the Assembly of European Regions organized a conference on "Strong counties serving their citizens - the future of regional governance in Albania" in Tirana from March 28-30.


7th Edition

MEMORY DAYS is an annual activity that aims to keep alive the social debate and the memory of the consequences of the communist regime in Albania. It has been conceived and organized by the Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture (IDMC) in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), since October 2016. Every year there is a certain motto. The focus of the 7th edition was on the myths about communism that prevail to this day.

The impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic on Human Rights and Democracy in Albania

On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Albania organized in close cooperation with the Foundation for Freedom and Democracy and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy Albania the International Conference "Impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic on Human Rights and Democracy in Albania".

The Academy of SMEs´ 2021

ONLINE TRADE - Challenges for SMEs´

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized in cooperation with the Albanian institute “SME Albania” a training for young entrepreneurs on the topic: ONLINE TRADE – Challenges for SMEs´.

Promoting renewable energy policies for sustainable tourism

Energy policy

In cooperation with the "Friends from Korça" and AREA, the Association for Renewable Energy in Albania, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized on September 21, 2021 at the Rogner Hotel the round table on “Promoting renewable energy policies for sustainable tourism”

The Summer School for young journalists 2021


On the occasion of the fifth anniversary, the Summer School for young journalists this year took place in Sofia, Bulgaria from September 13 to 17, 2021. It was organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Tirana in cooperation with the KAS Media Program South East Europe.

European Summer School 2021

Ongoing challenges of Albania's European Union Integration

Since the transition to a democratic system, Albania has aimed at undertaking the challenge of Integration in the European Union. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation Albania together with the European Center organized the European Summer School 2021 “My Europe-Challenges toward the EU Accession” in Pogradec, Albania.

Youth to EU: Career Consulting

The working world is constantly changing – and fast. There are now jobs that didn't exist five or ten years ago. For this reason, career guidance is essential to support and motivate young people in making decisions concerning their future career.

Perspectives for the European Future of Albania

Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Albania in cooperation with the “Political Academy” organized the forum “Perspectives for the European Future of Albania” with members of the Democratic Party of Albania and the European Parliament to discuss on matters concerning the current political situation of the country as well as it’s perspective toward the integration in the European Union, with a special emphasis on the challenges and goals that are embodied in this process.

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