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De-Risking, but where to?

The Emerging ASEAN countries as an alternative to China

The German economy should become more diversified. However, how and where such de-risking shall be implemented remains unclear. In search of suitable partners, both politics and business often turn their attention to the emerging economies of Southeast Asia. The dynamic growth of the so-called Emerging ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam) offers a seemingly promising alternative to the large neighbour China. However, a look at the economic data shows that the diversification potential in terms of Southeast Asia’s emerging markets is limited.

Iranian attack on Israel

A turning point with unforeseeable consequences

On 14 April 2024, Iran directly attacked Israel militarily for the first time. This Iranian attack is a turning point in the Middle East and dominates the current international debate. While US President Joe Biden, the German government and the G7 are calling for calm and de-escalation, the reaction of the Israeli war cabinet led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being eagerly awaited. So far, it has not been announced whether and how Israel might react to the Iranian attack.


Regional Program Nordic Countries

Security in the European Arctic

For the five Nordic countries security in the arctic is, now more than ever, of utmost importance. Due to the developments of the past years the aspect of security has become more intertwined, not just with military considerations, but also with socio-, economical- and political aspects. While this interlinkage requires a new perspective on some long-standing believes, the most prominent topics concerning security are Russia´s military build-up in the North, as well as no-arctic nations, such as China and India, who are increasingly influencing the regional governance structures. Finland’s and Sweden’s accession into NATO has contributed to the change in the regional power dynamics. The regional program Nordic Countries strives to actively develop and shape the dialog around the security in the arctic, by means of hosting roundtables, as well as breakout sessions, podium discussions and event series with partner organizations. Additionally we fund the publications of scientific studies and surveys.

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Representation and reform

Inside Africa’s pursuit of a stronger global voice

Africa has significantly gained importance as a player in the global arena. Meanwhile, African political leaders are grappling with diverging ideas about how this growing importance can translate into actual influence. The author Ueli Staeger examines the different approaches that are being pursued and takes a closer look at the role of the African Union in this regard.

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Russia's influence on German domestic security

The Kremlin's actors, instruments and goals

Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, in violation of international law, triggered global and lasting changes in international security policy. But even before that, and now even more intensively, various attempts by the Kremlin to influence the domestic security of the Federal Republic of Germany could be observed. Although the methods used and the instruments selected differ, they all pursue the same long-term goal of destabilization.

Generation Corona? Youth and (mental) health

The pandemic is drawing attention on pre-existing mental health challenges faced by young people.

Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, a large number of 11- to 17-year-olds were experiencing psychological and psychosomatic problems that significantly impair everyday life. 40 to 50 percent report sleep disorders, irritability, headaches, back pain and abdominal pain. During the pandemic, these symptoms intensified and persisted at elevated levels even after they subsided. In adolescent medicine, there are currently warnings of a consolidation of mental disorders and speak of a "mental health pandemic".

Fachprogramm Frauenkolleg 2024

Frauen gestalten Zukunft!

Das Frauenkolleg der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung ist ein bundesweites Veranstaltungsangebot für Frauen.

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Social market economy - what does it really mean?

The principles and goals of the social market economy explained in ten chapters.

The social market economy is one of the most successful economic and social models that has ever existed. It makes it possible to combine economic growth with social cohesion. The promise made in Ludwig Erhard's programme "Prosperity through Competition" has largely come true. In order to be able to fulfil this promise in the future, it is worth constantly reminding ourselves of the central elements of the social market economy. These include private property, competition, price stability and a fair distribution of income and wealth.

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