Coping with COVID-19: International Perspectives

Weekly online discussions with Country Office Directors of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Fear, uncertainty, changes, disruption… These are the best words to describe today’s picture of the world. The Coronavirus has not left any country untouched and has already affected the lives of millions of people. Lockdown or open borders, quarantine or free movement, #stayathome or #donotpanic, indifference or calmness, anxiety or discretion, exaggeration or cautiousness? What is currently happening around the world? What strategies are the national governments adhering to? What is the public attitude towards the present situation? In this series of online discussions, we will explore these questions with the country office directors of KAS as well as discuss the pandemic’s future implications on the economic, political and social life in their countries.


Covid-19, image of the Earth picture-alliance/Fotostand/Schmitt
Covid-19, image of the Earth



11.00-11.25 (EET)  Welcoming words and Input (20-25 minutes)

Suggested questions/topics:

  • How does the situation in the country look now?
  • A look back: country's socio-economic situation before the corona crisis
  • Government actions
  • Actions from Civil Society
  • What is the public opinion towards the government and society’s actions (surveys, media coverage)?
  • Is there something like best practice for other countries to learn from?
  • What are the possible scenarios (impacts on the economy, foreign economic relations, multilateral cooperation, country's global significance etc.)? What can be done and which actions are to be taken to avoid the most negative consequences (international aid, government actions etc.)?

11.25-12.00 (EET) Discussion (Q&A session)

KAS country offices to participate:

  • Headquarters (Germany)
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Israel
  • Romania and Moldova
  • Singapore
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Ukraine

Venue: online via Zoom (check our Facebook page to find a link for registration)

Working languages: German with simultaneous interpretation into Russian

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