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NDC's: What do they mean for the big cities of Latin America?

by Sergio Margulis

Part 3 - Final Report

The International Institute for Sustainability - IIS (Rio de Janeiro) together with EKLA-KAS Program, present the conclusions of the third phase of activities carried out in 2019.

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The purpose of this Phase 3 was to support, above all, cities, allowing them to better assess their vulnerabilities to climate change and to prepare and strengthen their respective adaptation plans.

Phase 3 covered two related activities:

(i) technical tools review  and best practices in the development of adaptation plans and vulnerability assessments, focusing on Latin America, and;

(ii) a large workshop bringing together all 12 countries and their respective cities with a view to present and debate results and promote a rich exchange among their representatives.

This report therefore shows two objectives analyzed in its two main chapters.

The first is to identify the main problems and challenges that the governments of Latin American countries and cities face in identifying and dealing with climate risks, and to present and discuss technical tools and best practices in the development of vulnerability assessments and adaptation plans to climate change.

The second recapitulates and analyzes the main lessons and findings of the existing plans in the 12 cities and 12 countries, partially reflecting the discussions of the workshop that took place in Rio de Janeiro.

The Report also contains a third chapter that summarizes the lessons about the challenges and solutions for vertical coordination between the different levels of government in defining their climate adaptation strategies and plans, aligning and complementing the findings of the two phases previous work.

We hope that this document stimulates dialogue on the subject and the improvement of public policies in Latin America.

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Anuska Soares

Coordinadora de Proyectos


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