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Sustainable Mobility in Latin America

by Heloisa Schneider

Possibilities for the adoption of clean mobility in the passenger transport sector in some Latin American countries

Considering the Latin American context in the search for efficient and energy-clean solutions for the transport sector, as part of its efforts to combat climate change, we are pleased to present this analysis “Possibilities for the adoption of clean mobility in the transport sector of passengers in some Latin American countries ”developed by ECLAC based on our workshop on sustainable transport carried out jointly by EKLA-KAS and CEPAL, attended by the countries of Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

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Latin America and the Caribbean are highly urbanized. Urban mobility is a very important part of life quality in its cities and the quality of public transport services affects most of the population.

Therefore, the good quality of this mode of transport is a fundamental component of well-being, which is combined with family income, social protection and the quality of the urbanization itself as a public good. It is so fundamental that it is one of the benchmarks of the governments capacity and democracy to meet popular demands.

Therefore, worrying about its quality is consistent with multiple objectives: inclusion, respect, care for democracy, well-being, climate change mitigation, productive development and improvement in life quality for all city inhabitants.

Considering the above, and that several countries in the region have included this sector in their NDC and aspire to migrate towards a more sustainable model of mass transportation, ECLAC and KAS make this publication available, which describes and analyzes the situation of some of these countries, and considering the progress observed, warns of possible barriers and possibilities for the adoption of less carbonized systems, more effective and capable of transforming the current mobility model, still essentially based on individual transport.

We hope that this document stimulates dialogue on the subject and improves the quality of Latin American urban life.

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Anuska Soares

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