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9th Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development

by Martha Kontodaimon, Iris Raith

March 2019

Workshops, Panels and Discussions to create your professional future!
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This year KAS Athens invited two discussants, who participated in different Panels and held parallel Workshops in the Panorama. Laura Kohler, Founder of Sharkbite Innovation, discussed about the key actions one should take in order to start and develop a successful Start – Up in Europe. Moreover she held a Mini Design Challenge Workshop where the participants explored the basics of design thinking, lean startup and some general developments in the world. Based on their learnings they designed a startup idea with positive impact and learned how to achieve a first validation in the market. The sessions continued with a Design Thinking and Prototype Testing Workshop held by Dörte Roloff, Lead startup coach, who provided an overview of Design Thinking, its principles, backgrounds and success factors and made the process experience based through interactive exercises. Dörte gave practical insights into the areas of prototyping and testing and why they are particularly relevant for innovative start-ups. Our participation was concluded with a panel discussion where Dörte Roloff presented why innovators in today‘s world don‘t go global, they start global!

The Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development is the largest multi-panel Forum on topics of entrepreneurship among young people in Greece. The aim of the venture is to educate young people, through its panels, on the trends, career choices and perspectives offered by approximately 19 industries of the Greek economy. At the same time, it aims to help them choose their path either as managers or entrepreneurs, enhance their innovative spirit and support a more extrovert market thinking. In support to its panel sessions the participants may participate in targeted workshops, round table discussions and register for the Business Days (excursions to Greek enterprises).


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