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Learning online in the Time of COVID 19

by Martha Kontodaimon

Fireside Discussion

An Online Fireside discussion of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation about education, digitalization and the Covid - 19 era.

The fireside discussion organized by Konrad Adenauer Foundation Greece and Cyprus on online education during the times of the Covid took place on Tuesday October 6th online. With us were Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès v. Hattburg, Managing Director of GetYourWings, and Amalia Konstantakopoulou, Director of The Tipping Point, two nonprofit organizations operating respectively in Germany and Greece, moderated by Stella Kasdagli, Co-Founder of Women On Top.

The discussion revolved around the transition of the learning environment online during the pandemic, key problems the directors faced with the teaching faculty and how they overcame them, how technology may help equalize the field of education and the necessity to learn how to learn, rather than bluntly absorbing information.

Both of the discussants concentrated on the importance to correctly educate the educators and support them to re-educate themselves in the digital sphere. Both agreed on the necessity of collaborations outside the “traditional” teaching environment and raised the issue of equipment accessibility and information usage from professors and students.

Imagining the future of education, the discussants proposed that more weight needs to be placed on an innovative digital orientation and the power digitalization gives us to support individuals’ differently abled – in access and knowledge – to also move forward in life.


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