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Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development

by Martha Kontodaimon
Starting up strategically

Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development is the largest multi-panel forum on topics of entrepreneurship in Greece. It targets young individuals between the ages of 18-35 years old. The forum aims to educate young individuals on the trends, career choices and perspectives offered by approximately 15 industries of the Greek economy, through Panel discussions, workshops and round table discussions. Furthermore, the organizers are interested to support young people to choose their path either as a worker, manager or entrepreneur, and enhance their market orientation and extrovert market thinking. During the Panorama, the participants may also apply and register for the Business Days, which are excursions to Greek enterprises that open their doors to interested participants.

In the 2016 Panorama, prominent speakers originating from academia, journalism, telecommunications, education and the business sector, presented the tendencies of the market as well as career opportunities.

KAS Athens has participated actively in the Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development for the past four years always with the purpose to intensify the Greek-German dialogue also on the topics of Entrepreneurship. This year it organized a panel discussion on the basic entrepreneurial steps one has to keep in mind when Starting Up.

Evaluating your entrepreneurial and career path

With this Panel discussion, KAS Athens, aimed to bring closer to the Panorama participants German experts on the topic of strategic planning of innovation. The first presenter, Simon Jochim, coming from the Foundation of Entrepreneurship in Berlin, focused on the reasons to innovate, the way of thinking an entrepreneur needs to have and develop in order to surpass the basic problems of innovation and the way one needs to combine his components right in order to achieve his higher potential. An interesting remark he posed as very important for innovation was that one does not need to have high capital or an extraordinary idea in order to start, but the willingness to work in his idea and his startup as well as the potential to combine correctly common components. The presentation was followed by Alexander Becker, the Head of the Investment Fund Baystart from Bavaria. Alexander focused more on the alternative ways of funding one can utilize in order to start, develop and scale his idea. His focus was on the level of involvement one may have for his financial plans and the means and ways he could increase them further than his close circle of friends and family. He focused on the benefits of crowdfunding and the vices of crowdfinancing and made clear that the first check of a good idea are the initial customers, who buy and try the product before it has even come to the market.


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