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Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development

by Martha Kontodaimon
Starting Up in Germany

Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development is the largest multi-panel forum on topics of entrepreneurship among young Greeks. Its target is between 18-35 year olds, withought though excluding other interested participants. The aim of the venture is to educate young people, through panel discussions, on the trends, career choices and perspectives offered by approximately 15 industries of the Greek economy. On the same hand the Panoroma of Entrepreneurship aims to help young people choose their path either as managers or entrepreneurs, enhance their innovative spirit and support an extrovert market thinking.

Beyond Panoramas' panel sessions, the participants may join in targeted workshops, round table discussions and register for the Business Days (excursions to Greek enterprises). During the 2015 Panorama forum, prominent speakers coming from the academia, journalism, telecommunications, education and the business sector spoke about the latest tendencies and opportunities with regard to innovation, entrepreneurship and business in Greece.

KAS Athens has for the past 3 years participated in the Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development through panel discussions that support market extroversion, targeting in this way to positively enhance the Greek-German discussions in the field.

This year, KAS Athens contributed through a panel discussion, a workshop and a guest speaker in a common panel with the Panorama organizers.

The Panel

"Starting up and targeting the market in Germany"

The discussion of this panel focused on the characterestics of the German market, the ways that Start Ups start there as well as the ways on how one can enter the German market from the international scene. The discussants came from a diverse background, which also provided the opportunity for the audience to receive a spherical view of how it is to start a business in Germany. The presentations started with the academic field and Christiane Frey, Director at the School of Entrepreneurial Design Thinking, University of Koblenz-Landau, who focused on how to reach from an innovative idea to the foundation of your start-up. Her contribution was followed by Erik Heinelt, Co-founder & Board member of the German Startup Association, serial entrepreneur, who centered his presentation on the thinking one must possess and the ways one can optimize in order for a start up to become a competitive business in the German market. The concluding presentation came from Dr. Virginia Green, CEO of ENCOS GmbH and Chairwoman of the Innovation Committee of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, who utilized her far-reaching experience in the field to describe how one can make a business sustainable and the pitfalls to avoid when starting a business in Germany. The moderation of the discussion was conducted by Petros Pantazis, International Relations Coordinator at the Z.I.F.E.T. (Zentrales Institut für Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer ) of the Entrepreneurial University Koblenz-Landau.

The Workshop

"Prospects of the Greek businesses in the German market and a practical guide on extroversion and synergies of the SME's and the Startups of the two countries"

Ioannis Salavopoulos, First Secretary for Economic and Commerce Affairs, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with a long service until recently in the Greek Embassy in Berlin, analyzed during an interactive workshop the prospects of the German economy and its sectors with opportunities for the Greek businesses, the potentials for synergies between SME's and Startups of the two countries and the possibilities of exports of Greek products and services to the German market. A lively discussion followed, focusing on potentials for bilateral cooperation.

The Guest Speaker

"Five women entrepreneurs share their experiences"

In a panel which focused on woman entrepreneurship and successful women in the field of businesses, Dr. Virginia Green, CEO of ENCOS GmbH, participated as a guest speaker. Through her presentation in a crowded auditorium she offered her personal story, when starting her own enterprise in Germany, what she did and what she avoided, as well as these qualities that one must possess in order to successfully manage ones own company.


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