Event Reports

Restructuring, Re-allocation and resilience of Global Value Chains after the pandemic

by Martha Kontodaimon

A window of new opportunities for Greece and Germany

An online discussion about the new era of world trade with industry experts.

The main topics of discussion were: What was the driving force behind the (redistribution) of production? How has the digital transformation affected the productivity and role of highly skilled human capital? How is the EU manufacturing industry reacting to "Factory Asia"?

The following participated in the discussions:

Dr. Giannis Kalogirou, Em. Professor of Economics, Technology and Industrial Strategy, National Technical University of Athens

PD Dr. Felix Roth, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Hamburg

Dr. George Xirogiannis, Deputy General Manager, SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

Dr. Christoph Sprich, Senior Director of Foreign Economic Policy, German Federation of Industries (BDI)

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Angelos Tsakanikas, Director of the Laboratory of Industrial & Energy Economics (LIEE).

Working language was English.