Event Reports

Women on Top Workshop for Leadership

by Martha Kontodaimon, Iris Raith

May 2019

Developing your leadership skills in 3 days!
​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

KAS Greece in collaboration with the Greek NGO Women on Top organized a three day long training workshop on leadership. 30 participants gathered in order to acquire the leadership skills necessary to help them climb to decision-making positions and aim for increased equality in business, science, politics, civil society and culture. This was achieved through active sessions and live discussions where positive role models and decision paths were promoted. The KAS Office invited for this event Eva Eulenstein, Leadership & Mindfulness Coach, who trained the participants for their their training day in a very interactive and passionate way.

Women On Top is the most experienced NGO in Greece working for the professional empowerment of women and for equality at the workplace. They aim to eliminate the barriers that hinder women’s equal participation in the workforce, both by empowering them as individuals and by changing the social and professional ecosystem that surrounds them.