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International Security Policy in the Global Work of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

In our work throughout the world – in Latin America as well as Asia, Europe, Africa and North America – wehave found that security-related deliberations are becoming more relevant. It is thus no longer adequate toconsider development cooperation purely in terms of combating poverty.

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To solve problems long term and provide what our local partners need from us will require an integrated approach taking into account different perspectives. Economic development, political consolidation and the reliability provided by law and order are not achievable without security and stability – and they will strengthen these in turn. And it is precisely at this interface that the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung operates.


5 |I. Foreword

7 |II. Europe and North America

Working together to shape European and global policies

14 |III. Asia-Pacific

The significance of track 1.5 Diplomacy

24 |IV. Middle East and North America

Fostering robust statehood in the regions neighbouring Europe

31 |V. Sub-Sahara Africa

Sensitisation to human rights issues in the security sector

38 |VI. Latin America

Organised crime as a security challenge

44 |VII. Highlights from Germany

Providing impulses for debate, introducing ideas and fostering new talent

52 |VIII. Future tasks for Germany in international security policy

55 |IX. A selection of publications by the KAS on security policy issues

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