Religion and Politics in the 21st Century: Tradition, Heritage, Challenges

KAS & Oxford German Forum

On November 23rd, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation organises in cooperation with the Oxford German Forum a panel discussion on religion in the political context.


2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation which gives us the opportunity to take a look back and see how the the politics of religion have evolved since then. Nowadays, the share of people feeling affiliated with a specific religious group is declining in Britain and

other countries in Western Europe. The share of Christians is lower than ever, especially among young people, as the 2011 census showed.

However we also witness a revival of the debate surrounding religion and how religious freedom stands in relation to other human rights. This conflict is intensified by the clash between secular societies and others in which religion is seen as a moral guideline for life and


In these critical times, join us for a discussion with senior political figures from the UK, Germany, Austria, and Australia.

Panneliss include:

Dr Günter Krings, Member of the German Parliament

Ansgar Heveling, Member of the German Parliament

Kevin Rudd, Former Prime Minister of Australia

Dr Martin Eichtinger, Austrain Ambassador to the UK

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Worcester College, Oxford


  • Kevin Rudd
    • Ansgar Heveling MP
      • Günter Krings MP


        Religion and Politics in the 21st Century: Tradition, Heritage, Challenges: Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation & Oxford German Forum
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