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Communal Conflicts in Contemporary Indonesia

Indonesia dewasa ini

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, in cooperation with the Center for Languages and Cultures at the State Institute for Islamic Studies (PBB/IAIN) has published a collection of papers and discussion materials presented during the “International Workshop on Ethno-Religious Conflicts in Indonesia Today” which took place in Jakarta in September 2001. Notable guest speakers of international repute from Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, and Indonesia gathered information and shared experiences of diverse communities in terms of religion, ethnicities and cultures in Indonesia and elsewhere in the world. The seminar also touched on the problems of heterogeneous communities that may contain potential conflict and threaten social integrity. This book is intended to demonstrate to readers how significant ethnic and religious conflicts have been in Indonesia, and what their relations are toward the decline of Indonesian communal cohesion.

Excerpts from the contents:

  • R. Tockary: A Short Note on Ethno-Religious Conflicts in Indonesia

  • Azyumardi Azra: Communal Riots in Indonesia – The Decline of Indonesian Nationalism and the Rise of Separatism

  • Parsudi Suparlan: Ethnicity and Its Potential for Social Disintegration in Indonesia

  • Olaf Schumann: Problems in Attitudes and Communication between Religious and Ethnic Groups in Indonesia: A Sociological Study

  • Franz Magnis-Suseno: Underlying Factors of Conflicts between Ethnic and Religious Groups in Indonesia: Prevention and Resolution

  • Masykuri Abdillah: Religious Tolerance in a Democratic and Multicultural Society