Single title

Democratization and the Issue of Terrorism in Indonesia

by Norbert Eschborn, Simon Bunjamin, Cathrin Gräber
This volume features an eclectic collection of articles about the challenge of democratization in the age of international terrorism written by some of Indonesia’s most renowned experts on the issue. The diverse professional backgrounds of the authors (academicians, researchers, former military professionals and politicians as well as NGO activists) with their different perspectives on the issue and the broad thematic spectrum of the chosen articles provide for a most comprising and insightful analysis. This book, being among the first comprehensive academic publications in Indonesia on this topic, aims to disseminate ideas that are pertinent to the current development of the Indonesian society today.

Obtaining both, openness and security, is not an easy task for a young democracy. Indonesia today is a country that is blatantly targeted by terrorist attacks while its newly established democratic institutions are still fragile. A successful management of the challenges that most transitional countries face – among them the remaining influence of the old elite, bureaucratic obstacles to law enforcement and the lack of public awareness about rights and liberties – will depend in Indonesia not only on the improved institutional performance but also on the governments commitment to fight against international terrorism. Growing religious fanaticism, use of ethnic and religious sentiments for justifying terrorist actions and violations of human rights are not only vital threats to security but also for the democracy in Indonesia. Since the most recent terrorist attacks in Bali in October 2005, the nexus between safeguarding civic liberties and protecting national security has become a focal point of public discussion. How can Indonesia obtain political pluralism and guarantee human security in the face of growing religious fanaticism?

Excerpts from the contents:

  • Simon Bunjamin: Terror and Terrorism – Threats with a Tradition: The History and Development of Terror and Terrorism

  • Kusnanto Anggoro: Global Power, the Issue of Terrorism, and Democracy-Security Nexus

  • Aleksius Jemadu: Indonesian Foreign Policy and the Issue of Terrorism

  • Makmur Keliat: Public Diplomacy and the Issue of Terrorism

  • Anak Agung Banyu Perwita: Democracy, the Issue of Terrorism and Security Sector Reform in Indonesia

  • Agus Widjojo: The Role of TNI in Dealing with the Issue of Terrorism

  • Norbert Eschborn/Cathrin Gräber: Foreign Aid and the Issue of Terrorism: Perspectives from Abroad

  • M. Syafi’i Anwar: The Role of Civil Islam in Dealing with the Issues of Radicalism and Terrorism

  • S. Yunanto: The Rise of Radical Islamist Groups in Indonesia and the Political and Security Consequences of Their Political Activities