Single title

The Legislative Function of Local Parliaments

(in Indonesian language)

Volume 2 of a series of four guidebooks for newly elected councillors of provincial, district and city parliaments

Excerpts from the contents:

  • Prof. Dr. Jimly Assihiddiqie (Chief Justice, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia): Preface

  • Agung Djojosoekarto/Riant Nugroho: Local Regulations as a Instrument for Government and Democratization

  • Inosentius Samsul: Understanding the Structural Order of Regulations and the Drafting Process of Legislation

  • Novianto Murti Hantoro: Local Regulations as a Local Public Policy Principle

  • Inosentius Samsul: Determining the Direction of Local Development and Government through Local Regulations

  • Inosentius Samsul/Novianto Murti Hantoro: Steps and Main Components of Drafting Local Regulations

  • Inosentius Samsul/Novianto Murti Hantoro: Management of Local Regulations by the Organs of the DPRD

  • Inosentius Samsul: Local Regulations as DPRD’s Budgetary and Monitoring Basis

  • Novianto Murti Hantoro: Settling the Obstacles of Local Regulations Implementation and Evaluation

  • Inosentius Samsul/Novianto Murti Hantoro/Agung Djojosoekarto: Developing DPRD’s Order and Ethic Code