Single title

Dynamics and Capacity of Local Parliaments in the Democratic Political System

by Agung Djojosoekarto

(in Indonesian language)

Both the development of a democratic political system and the implementation of decentralization in Indonesia have not succeeded yet. In many cases local parliaments even turned into bad models because they lack institutional structures and efficient strategies to guarantee their political influence. However, changes to the political system can only be made successfully if the development of local parliaments and decentralization policy go hand in hand. In order to achieve this status enormous efforts have to be made so that a functioning political "circle configuration" can be reached.

Excerpts from the Contents:

  • Dynamics and problems of capacity development of local parliaments

  • A parliamentary capacity building model

  • Developing capacity of local parliaments and the dynamics of implementing decentralization and local autonomy

  • Local parliaments as main actors of a democratic political system

  • Capacity of local parliaments in law drafting

  • Capacity of local parliaments in budget drafting

  • Capacity of local parliaments with respect to the supervision of the application of public law

  • Capacity of the secretariats of local parliaments as "support systems"

  • Decisive factors for the development progress of parliamentary capacity

  • Structured and systematic support of the capacity of local parliaments