Single title

A Manual on Monitoring the Legislation Process

(in Bahasa Indonesia)

This manual offers not only a theoretical introduction into the patterns and mechanisms of monitoring the legislature but also illustrates how to actively and practically participate in this process.

  • Chapter I: Introduction

    • The Institutions: Many Actors, Many Factors

    • Monitoring the Parliament, Monitoring the Parliamentarians

    • Explanatory Notes

  • Chapter II: The ups and downs on the way of legislation

    • The National Legislation

    • Drafting a Bill

    • Tabling a Bill

    • Discussing a Bill

    • Ratification

    • Recess

  • Chapter III: The Monitoring Functions of the Parliament

    • Explanatory Notes

    • Monitoring the Draft

    • First Phase of Reviewing the Draft

    • Second Phase of Reviewing the Draft

    • Monitoring During the Recess

  • Chapter IV: How to participate in the monitoring process

    • How to Define „Participation“

    • The Ways How to Participate

    • How to Start to Participate

    • Participation during the Monitoring

    • Participation after the Monitoring

    • Documentation