Single title

Capacity Building: The Budget Function of Local Parliaments

(in Indonesian language)

Volume 3 of a series of four guidebooks for newly elected councillors of provincial, district and city parliaments

Excerpts from the contents:

  • Prof. Dr. Gunawan Sumodiningrat (Secretariat of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia): Preface

  • Agung Djojosoekarto/Riant Nugroho/Marselina Djayasinga: Management Renewal of Regional Budgets

  • Marselina Djayasinga/Agung Djojosoekarto: General Framework of State Financing

  • Marselina Djayasinga: Regional Financing according to Law No. 25/1999 and its Implementation Regulations

  • Marselina Djayasinga: Understanding the Budget Function of Local Parliaments

  • Agung Djojosoekarto/Marselina Djayasinga: Formulating Basic Policy for each Budget

  • Marselina Djayasinga: Determining Priorities and Proportions of Regional Budgets

  • Marselina Djayasinga: Optimizing Regional Financing Capacity through Investment

  • Marselina Djayasinga: Analyzing the Quality of Regional Financing

  • Marselina Djayasinga: Building Support Facilities for the Budget Function of Local Parlaments