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Conflict and Peace: The Connection between Ethnicity and Religion

(in Bahasa Indonesia)

Since the end of the 1990s, Indonesia has been affected by numerous internal conflicts, which were ethnically and religiously motivated. Given the long history of a relatively peaceful coexistence of different ethnic and religious groups in the archipelago this is particularly tragic. Religious leaders have been working as mediators in many of these conflicts; most of them intending to make the long-term negative consequences of such prolonged internal conflicts for the development perspectives of the respective regions clear to the population. Until now, such peacemaking efforts have produced mixed results.

The articles in this book analyse the role and importance of religious leaders in ethnically and religiously motivated internal conflicts in Indonesia. If religion and ethnicity are reasons for conflict, then religion has, in return, to play a significant role in overcoming of tensions and must take responsibility for the creation of peace. This calls for a permanent dialogue between the spiritual leaders of all affected faiths in the conflict regions. Such an instrument seems to be appropriate as well for the solution of other conflicts in Indonesia.

This publication presents the results of a seminar conducted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in cooperation with the Sekolah Tinggi Theologia Huaria Kristen Batak Protestan (STT-HKBP) in Medan in February 2003.

Excerpts from the contents:

  • Olaf Schumann: Attitude and Connection between Religion and Ethnic Groups in the Frame of Nationality in Indonesia

  • J.R. Hutauruk: Ethnicity and Religious Relations (Historical Analysis)

  • Nur. A. Fadhil Lubis: Islam Ideologies and their Connection to Ethnicity Problems in North Sumatra

  • Franz Magnis-Suseno, SJ: Religion and Ethnic Pluralism - a Power or a Threat?

  • K.H. Said Aqil Siradj: The Perspective and Behavior of Islam toward Terrorism

  • H.A. Rivay Siregar: Peace and Violence in Society from Islam’s Perspective

  • Jamilin Sirait: Enhancing Religions' Roles in Creating Peace