Single title

Public Accountability and the Supervisory Function of Local Parliaments

(in Indonesian language)

Volume 4 of a series of four guidebooks for newly elected councillors of provincial, district and city parliaments

Excerpts from the contents:

  • Dr. Laode Ida (Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Regional Council DPD): Preface

  • I Ketut Putra Erawan/Victor Yasadhana: Determining and Agreeing to the Job Description of Local Parliaments' Monitoring Activity

  • I Ketut Putra Erawan: The Major Steps in Monitoring by Local Parliaments

  • I Ketut Putra Erawan: Collecting and Following up Feedbacks from the Public

  • I Ketut Putra Erawan/Victor Yasadhana/Agung Djojosoekarto: Optimizing Networks and Strategic Alliances for the Control trough Local Parliaments

  • Agung Djojosoekarto: The Role and Capacity of Local Parliaments in Combating Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism Practices in the Regions

  • Agung Djojosoekarto: Local Parliaments as Promoters of Democratic Governance Order