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Presidential Impeachment and Procedural Law of the Constitutional Court

(in Indonesian language)

Volume 2 of the series "Studies of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia" (MKRI), written bei members of the Research and Studies' Center of the MKRI unter the guidance of Winarno Yudho.

Among the most important components of the Indonesian Constitution of 1945 which has been amended four times are the articles which precisely regulate the impeachment of the president and the vice president during their respective terms by the People's Consultative Assembly on the recommendation of the House of Representatives.

This study looks into the impeachment trial procedures against the president and the vice president from a procedural law perspective and under the condition that they are guilty of either treason, corruption or other criminal offenses. Based on the amended Constitution of 1945, how would the Constitutional Court conduct such a trial?

KAS and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia (MKRI) have been working together scientifically since 2003 already. The cooperation focuses on constitutional law research of cases before the court. In the framework of this research series MKRI and KAS will publish from time to time relevant and interesting analyses done by the academic staff of the MKRI.

Excerpts from the Contents:

  • Introduction

  • General term explanation

  • Impeachment cases in Indonesian history

  • Impeachment procedures according to the amended Constitution of 1945

  • Summary and recommendations