Single title

People's Representative in the New Democratic Order

(in Indonesian language)

Volume 1 of a series of four guidebooks for newly elected councillors of provincial, district and city parliaments

Excerpts from the contents:

  • Prof. Dr. Bintan Saragih (Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia): Preface

  • Agung Djojosoekarto: The Direction of a New Democracy, Representative Reform and the Impact on the Parliament Capacity

  • Diana Fawzia/Agung Djojosoekarto: Direct Election and the Accountability of People’s Representative

  • Diana Fawzia: Becoming People’s Representative in the Context of Local Autonomy

  • Rahmi Yunita: Acting as a Bridge and Managing Various Kinds of Public Political Interests

  • Rahmi Yunita: Understanding Function and Task of a People’s Representative

  • Rahmi Yunita: Building Representative Institutions in the Regions

  • Diana Fawzia: Building Strategic Alliances and Understanding People’s Needs