Human Rights and the roles of residents, the state and county goverment

A Post-Election Comparative Outlook

In this workshop the participants shall learn about their part and rights in the developing process of their area and how they can place their interests at the best in the process, without been confrontational.


Mwingi is a major town in Kitui County and that has of lat been in the news for all the good reasons. Iron ore deposits and coal has been discovered in Mui Basin and other parts of the area. This has created anxiety and interest from local residents, local traders as well as international investors. Residents are not aware on what role they should play when it comes to resource mapping and ownership.

To this regard, the roles of the residents should be clarified with reference to the constitution. Their participation and engaging both the local and national government should be made open so that they feel part of the system. Our approach should not be construed to be confrontational but empowering the people to be able to demand accountability and inclusion in furthering the achievement of their local and county leadership and development.

After the just concluded general elections, citizens are faced with human rights challenges in their participation in the devolved government. The KAS-Nairobi has organised a workshop to highlight the expectations and responsibilities of the citizens in the new government. The forum is expected to draw comparisons from previous challenges in Kenya and have a case study of how other countries of the world have handled such human rights issues.

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Kithyoko, Mwingi


Iris Karanja


Beatrice Rachuonyo