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The Role of Residents vis-a-vis the National and the County-Government

by Jane Murutu

4th of April 2014, Amagoro

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), partnered with Teso District Residents Association (TEDREA) in supporting this activity to empower residents to demand for accountability from their elected leaders by extension own their own development Agenda. Devolution has worked in South Africa; it can also work in Kenya. Additionally through this workshop residents would stand a great chance especially the women and youth to assume leadership right from the grassroots.

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Under article 22, of the Urban and cities Act 2012, an Act of Parliament to give effect to Article 184 of the Constitution, citizen fora have among other things the mandate to deliberate and make proposals to the relevant bodies or institutions on the provision of services, proposed national policies and national legislation, the proposed development plans of the county and the national government and any other matter of concern to citizens.

Effective citizen participation and oversight function is crucial and must remain core in the implementation of devolved government, for development and equal distribution of resources at grass root level to be fully realized.

Citizens have a key function to play in monitoring and evaluation of public project implementation and funds used in their respective county or wards in order to foster a system that ensures the county government’s responsiveness to its citizens. Essentially citizens are responsible for keeping the government in check. The participants were taken through the electioneering phases, article 10 on national values and Chapter six on leadership and integrity of the Kenya constitution 2010.

While the session was on, a press statement was made by officials of TEDREA to elevate Teso District Hospital into a referral Hospital and Kolanya girls into a national school. KAS was appreciated for supporting the activity.

The youths were discouraged against radicalization. Many residents talked at length of their high expectations on devolution.There was an elder who blamed the rising wage bill on the current system of government and the transition in general. He was of the opinion that there should be proper checks and balances to ensure the constitution was implemented fully. Area residents were challenged to take up their roles even going to court to ensure the attainment of justice. The workshop was also attended by among others the Senators office Manager and a representative of the local Member of Parliament, Mr. Ronald Osialai and subcounty administrator Mr. Peter Ekisai.

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