Event Reports

"Cooperatives for a developing country like Kosovo?"


Kosovo has enough fertile land, and still consumer products are being largely imported every day. A greater focus on agriculture would be a very good opportunity for an economy boost. The idea of cooperatives is a very good opportunity to market products from agriculture and to increase the guidance for the cultivation of various products. Therefore, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized a seminar titled "Cooperatives for a developing country like Kosovo", which was held in Peja from 05.- 09.09.2016.

The seminar was aimed at farmers and representatives of cooperatives who have interest in the development of cooperatives. The participants were shown how to manage and organize a cooperative and the possibility of donations and cooperation was discussed.

On this behalf, the Konrad Adenauer Representative Office in Kosovo invited Mr. Elmar Braunstein and Mr. Dietrich Herold, who as experts in this field they held lectures at the seminar. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to research on the actual situation of cooperatives in Kosovo. They also had meetings with local experts, including Mr. Kurtan Kajtazi, Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Mrs. Lirije Kajtazi, Member of the Kosovo Parliament and Mr. Gazmend Muhaxherri, Mayor of Peja.