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“We know more about Europe – Europe knows more about us”

A seminar with the current KAS scholars, tackling issues that are related to Kosovo’s path towards the European Union

Barriers of foreign investors in Kosovo - Necessary economic policies to overcome them

From the Tuesday Salon "Barriers of foreign investors in Kosovo - Necessary economic policies to overcome them" held on June 15th 2021, written by Diellza Gashi Tresi

Kosovo continues to face problems in attracting foreign direct investments (FDI). Despite the fact that over the years progress has been made on several factors such as tax and macroeconomic policy reforms, and investments in road infrastructure, Kosovo continues to fail to attract large investors.

Multiculturalism and Building a Stable System: Protection of Individual Civil and Political Rights

From the Tuesday Salon "Multiculturalism and Building a Stable System: Protection of Individual Civil and Political Rights" held on June 1st 2021, written by Ferdi Kamberi

The concept of multiculturalism includes cultures, races, ethnicities or minority groups, which have specific characteristics within a culture or politics. In Kosovo, this concept is included in the highest legal-political act in the Constitution of Kosovo and that ethnic groups / non-majority communities are protected as a separate category. However, in practice the implementation of legislation still remains a challenge which is often mentioned in international reports.

Extracurricular activities as opportunities for ethnic interaction

From the Tuesday Salon "Extracurricular activities as opportunities for ethnic interaction" held on April 27th 2021, written by Lirije Palushi

The question of why there is a need for extracurricular activities for ethnic interaction may seem rhetorical at first glance. Still, this topic is necessary to eliminate barriers between ethnic communities in Kosovo, create more favorable conditions for interethnic cooperation, and create conditions for a more stable society. Over 13 years since the declaration of Kosovo’s independence, the lack of interaction remains one of the significant challenges for the integration and coexistence of ethnic communities in Kosovo, emphasizing the interaction between the Albanian and Serb communities. Although in many municipalities, communities are geographically close to each other, opportunities for interaction remain limited.

Kosovo’s key problems on its path to the EU

From the Tuesday Salon "Kosovo's path towards EU, where do we stand" held on May 18th 2021, written by Mehdi Sejdiu

Kosovo holds the potential candidate’s status for the EU. The journey to EU integration remains difficult for three main reasons: non-recognition of Kosovo by five EU member states, lack of reforms in the technical aspect of the measures stemming from the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) and the European Reform Agenda (ERA), and the EU’s lack of political readiness and willingness for enlargement.

KAS/Marco Urban

Die Zukunft der Erweiterungspolitik und die transatlantische Partnerschaft

Westbalkan Botschafterkonferenz in Berlin

Unter strengen Hygienevorschriften fand am 7. September in Berlin im Rahmen der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft die 5. Westbalkan-Botschafterkonferenz der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung statt.

KAS/Marco Urban

Vertiefung und Erweiterung der EU sind keine Gegensätze

4. Westbalkan-Botschafterkonferenz

Alljährlich lädt die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung zur Westbalkan-Botschafterkonferenz ein. Ziel ist es, eine Plattform zu bieten für einen offenen und vertraulichen Dialog zwischen hochrangigen politischen Entscheidungsträgern aus Bundestag, Europäischem Parlament und Bundesregierung auf der einen, sowie Vertretern des diplomatischen Corps auf der anderen Seite.


With full support in the planning and implementation process from its Scholars KAS organized the seminar “Economy-Education-Employment” from 9 to 12 November in Peja.

Der Berlin-Prozess und danach

Regionale Integration und der EU-Annäherungsprozess auf dem Westbalkan

Am 12. Juli 2017 findet in Triest die 4. Konferenz zum Westlichen Balkan im Rahmen des sogenannten Berlin-Prozesses statt. Diese Konferenz wird dabei ganz unter dem Eindruck der vielfältigen innerstaatlichen und zwischenstaatlichen Herausforderungen auf dem Westbalkan stehen. Im Vorfeld des Gipfels von Triest lud die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung am 8. Mai in Berlin zu einem Westbalkan-Diskussionsforum auf Ebene der in Berlin ansässigen Botschafter der beteiligten Länder ein.

"Cooperatives for a developing country like Kosovo?"


Kosovo has enough fertile land, and still consumer products are being largely imported every day. A greater focus on agriculture would be a very good opportunity for an economy boost. The idea of cooperatives is a very good opportunity to market products from agriculture and to increase the guidance for the cultivation of various products. Therefore, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized a seminar titled "Cooperatives for a developing country like Kosovo", which was held in Peja from 05.- 09.09.2016.

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