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Unstable Political Situation in Kosovo

The Kosovo Special Tribunal Confirms the Most Important Charges

On 5 November, Hashim Thaçi, President of the Republic of Kosovo and former political leader of the UÇK (Kosovo Liberation Army), resigned from office as State President following confirmation of his indictment by the Kosovo Special Tribunal in the Hague. During a press conference, Thaçi explained that he would step down as President to safeguard the integrity of Kosovo and would present himself to the Hague. A few hours earlier, Kadri Veseli, Leader of the PDK (Democratic Party of Kosovo, third strongest party in the 2019 elections), former President of the Parliament and Chief of the Kosovo Secret Service during the war, declared that the indictment against him had also been confirmed in the Hague, and that he would voluntarily present himself to the Special Tribunal.

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Change of Government in Kosovo: 
 Constitutional Court Paves the Way

According to the Constitutional Court ruling, a new government led by Avdullah Hoti of the LDK is expected to be formed swiftly

Following the overthrow of the previous government by a vote of no confidence on 25 March 2020 initiated by the coalition partner Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), there has long been uncertainly about further political developments on the Kosovo field. Although on 30 April President Hashim Thaçi had mandated Avdullah Hoti of the LDK to form a government, the legitimacy of the mandate was however called into question and brought before the Constitutional Court by members of the Vetëvendosje (VV), the party belonging to the toppled Prime Minister Albin Kurti. The legal blockade for the formation of a new government has now been eliminated with the final decision taken by the Constitutional Court: late in the evening on 28 May, the Constitutional Court ruled that President Thaçi acted lawfully when he gave Hoti the task of forming the government.

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Balkans: Geopolitics in Times of Corona

Foreign Aid and Public Relations Work and Their Perception in South East Europe

The coronavirus pandemic is a stress test for global value chains, national health systems and the resilience of societies – with no clear outcome. Against the backdrop of the crisis, we are also witnessing a geopolitical, systemic competition to win the hearts and minds of states and societies and to dominate global narratives. True to the motto that every crisis harbours an opportunity, the People´s Republic of China and the Russian Federation in particular are striving to gain sympathies in selected countries through rapid aid and its propagandistic staging, so as to highlight the superiority of their own systems and thus to expand their soft power. It would be naive to assume that their actions are guided solely by humanitarian considerations and international solidarity. What´s more, they are applying illegitimate methods such as fake news and disinformation campaigns as well.

Foreign Investor Manual

This investors manual aims to provide basic informations about investments procedures and possibilities in Kosovo. Manual was written by Sytrime Dervisholli, head of Trade Department at Ministry of Trade and Industry Kosovo.

Handbook: You are the boss, You decide

Young people and elections

The Publication of the Handbook, "You are the boss, you decide" is part of a joint project of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, JEF Kosova, Albansk Ungdom from Norway and the NGO Civita for the upcoming local elections in Kosovo and it is dedicated for raising the awareness of young voters

Intra Party Democracy in Kosovo


This research study conducted by the Think Tank Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) in cooperation with different Kosovan authors and presented by KAS deals with the topic of “Internal Party Democracy in Kosovo”. It examines, describes and compares the intra-party democracy in some of the bigger political parties in Kosovo, in order to provide a basis for the development and consolidation of democratic structures and the possibilities of participation for their members.

Demokratische Kommunalwahlen im Kosovo von Gewalt überschattet

Maskierte Hooligans überfallen Wahllokale im Norden

Bei den Lokalwahlen am 03. November 2013 im Kosovo, die erstmals im gesamten Territorium des Landes, d. h. auch in dem hauptsächlich von Serben bewohnten Norden, stattgefunden haben, ging nach bisherigen Auszählungen die Partei des Ministerpräsidenten Hashim Thaci, PDK, leicht in Führung.

Große Koalition im Kosovo

Am 19. November 2014 haben sich fünf Monate nach den Parlamentswahlen im Kosovo die zwei größten Parteien des Landes auf eine Koalition geeinigt. Vorausgegangen waren dieser Einigung parteiinterne Beratungen und ein Treffen bei der kosovarischen Staatspräsidentin, Atifete Jahjaga, zur Beendigung des politischen Stillstands im Kosovo. An dem Gespräch nahm auch die US-Botschafterin, Tracy Ann Jacobson, teil. Die beiden Parteivorsitzenden Isa Mustafa (LDK) und Hashim Thaçi (PDK) gaben bekannt, das Land in den kommenden vier Jahre gemeinsam regieren zu wollen.

Keine Ruhe im Kosovo

Am Montag, dem 28.11.2011 kam es erneut zu gewalttätigen Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Kosovo-Serben und den Soldaten der Schutztruppe KFOR der NATO im Norden des Kosovos, als die KFOR eine von Serben errichtete Blockade auf der Straße zwischen Mitrovica und Zubin Potok entfernen wollte.

Konfliktsituation gefährdet den Frieden zwischen Kosovo und Serbien

Nachdem im Juli diesen Jahres der Grenzkonflikt zwischen Serbien und Kosovo ausgebrochen war, wurden von Seiten der Europäischen Union (EU) und der NATO-Schutztruppe KFOR zahlreiche Bemühungen unternommen, um diesen beizulegen. Den aktuellen Entwicklungen nach jedoch ohne nachhaltigen Erfolg.

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