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Conference: 75 Years of NATO

Stability and Security Challenges

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Office in Prishtina is organizing the conference: “75 Years of NATO: Stability and Security Challenges”, which will be held on Tuesday, 14 May 2024 from 17:15 at Hotel Sirius, Prishtina. The activity brings together representatives from Politics, Civil Society, and the Military sphere to discuss the developments in the region and beyond, which are real challenges in this important anniversary of NATO. Working languages of the event are English and Albanian with simultaneous interpretation provided.


“Transatlantic Relations during the new US Administration ”

Implications on the Global Role of Europe and EU Enlargement


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Public Policy and Rule of Law

A seminar and workshop for young members of center right political parties.

The Inclusion of Minorities in Politics

The event, which was organized for young party members of different ethnic groups, aims to increase minority participation in politics. Through open discussion with experts of the field and among each other the participants had the chance to exchange experiences, gain new knowledge and create a network that will help them in their future career in politics


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KAS together with the Eduardo Frei Foundation organized this seminar for young people who are members of our partner political party to present and discuss the best methods of better structure of youth organization, transparency and accountability.


Endspurt im politischen Dialog Kosovo-Serbien?

Hintergrundgespräch mit politischen Repräsentanten aus dem Kosovo

Im Rahmen des Projekts „Strengthening the Kosovo Perspective” kommt eine Delegation von hochrangigen Vertretern politischer Parteien sowie Präsidenten- und Premierministeramt aus dem Kosovo für politische Gespräche nach Berlin.


A credible enlargement perspective for the Western Balkans– stocktaking between the Sofia and London summits

Ambassadorial Discussion Forum on Western Balkans

Hosted by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. under the joint patronage ofthe Embassy of the Republic of Albania and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria


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KAS in cooperation with the Young European Federalist (JEF) from Kosovo, is organizing for the fourth consecutive year the Balkan Youth Forum (BYF).


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We aim to create a group of students that are able to understand ideologies better and to be ready to share it with others. With high interest, we will introduce Social Market Economy as well known approach that could be adopted also from Kosovo.


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KAS together with Eduardo Frei Foundation from the Netherlands organized this training for female party members in order to encourage them for more political participation and action on a local, regional and national level.

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15 Years KAS Kosovo

On June 15, 2022 the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Kosovo celebrated its 15th anniversary

Challenges of Local Businesses after the post-Covid Period

What are they and what Policies should be undertaken?

From the Tuesday Salon "Challenges of local businesses after the post Covid period: What are they and what policies should be undertaken?" held on December 2nd 2021, written by Besnik Boletini

Pluralism and Democratic Participation

A round table discussion between KAS scholarship holders and friends of the foundation

Political Parties & Political Communication

The last module of the “School for Political Studies” organized by the Prishtina Institute for Political Studies and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Kosovo

Giving Europe a Home

A seminar and interactive simulation game where participants learned about the complexities of the European Union in a fun and exciting way.

The practice of religions in society and the influence on state policies

From the Tuesday Salon " The practice of religions in society and the influence on state policies " held on July 6th 2021, written by Skender Perteshi

The liberal values of the secular state, as well as the potential influences of religion on it, have sparked heated debates and discussions around the world. With the economic and social transformation of the states, these debates have to some extent been resolved, quite clearly dividing the competencies of the secular state as well as religious issues, without influencing each other, but by cooperating with each other.

“We know more about Europe – Europe knows more about us”

A seminar with the current KAS scholars, tackling issues that are related to Kosovo’s path towards the European Union

Barriers of foreign investors in Kosovo - Necessary economic policies to overcome them

From the Tuesday Salon "Barriers of foreign investors in Kosovo - Necessary economic policies to overcome them" held on June 15th 2021, written by Diellza Gashi Tresi

Kosovo continues to face problems in attracting foreign direct investments (FDI). Despite the fact that over the years progress has been made on several factors such as tax and macroeconomic policy reforms, and investments in road infrastructure, Kosovo continues to fail to attract large investors.

Multiculturalism and Building a Stable System: Protection of Individual Civil and Political Rights

From the Tuesday Salon "Multiculturalism and Building a Stable System: Protection of Individual Civil and Political Rights" held on June 1st 2021, written by Ferdi Kamberi

The concept of multiculturalism includes cultures, races, ethnicities or minority groups, which have specific characteristics within a culture or politics. In Kosovo, this concept is included in the highest legal-political act in the Constitution of Kosovo and that ethnic groups / non-majority communities are protected as a separate category. However, in practice the implementation of legislation still remains a challenge which is often mentioned in international reports.

Extracurricular activities as opportunities for ethnic interaction

From the Tuesday Salon "Extracurricular activities as opportunities for ethnic interaction" held on April 27th 2021, written by Lirije Palushi

The question of why there is a need for extracurricular activities for ethnic interaction may seem rhetorical at first glance. Still, this topic is necessary to eliminate barriers between ethnic communities in Kosovo, create more favorable conditions for interethnic cooperation, and create conditions for a more stable society. Over 13 years since the declaration of Kosovo’s independence, the lack of interaction remains one of the significant challenges for the integration and coexistence of ethnic communities in Kosovo, emphasizing the interaction between the Albanian and Serb communities. Although in many municipalities, communities are geographically close to each other, opportunities for interaction remain limited.

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