Baltic Development Forum Summit

Think Tank meeting

As a part of the Baltic Development Forum Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation is hosting and co-organising a Think Tank meeting of some of the leading experts on the Baltic Sea region on June 1.


The Baltic Development Forum (BDF) and relevant academic institutions around the Baltic Sea propose to

create a Think Tank to reflect on political, societal, cultural and historic questions of wider interest and

thereby help to raise awareness, mutual understanding and dialogue in the Baltic Sea Region. In

order to sustain the EU strategy and regional integration as a long term process, it is necessary to

create a forum for open discussion on the state of regional affairs and for consulting. Expertise and

basic investigations are needed to reflect on the political state of the region, Russia’s politics towards

BSR, energy security, human rights, aswell as the further integration of the region into European


An international group of researchers on Baltic Sea Region affairs supports this initiative

and is ready to develop these ideas further. The sessions is hosted by the regional Baltic office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and organized in cooperation with the BDF. Prof. Bernd Henningsen of the HU Berlin is chairing the panel discussion attended by Prof. Esko Antola, Prof. Zaneta Ozolina, Dr. Carsten Schymik, and Dr. Fabrizio Tassinari.

Baltic Development Forum’s Academic Think Tank meeting at the Lithuanian Exhibition Centre LITEXPO room 5.3

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Lithuanian Exhibition Centra LITEXPO, Laisves pr. 5 Vilnius, LT-04215


  • Bernd Henningsen (HU Berlin)
    • Esko Antola (Turku)
      • Zaneta Ozolina (LU Riga)
        • Fabrizio Tassinari (DIIS Copenhagen)
          • Carsten Schymik (SWP Berlin)