The new NATO strategic concept: is the security guaranteed?

The panel discussion on Tuesday, March 23, is devoted to new NATO strategic concept.


The new NATO strategy is being discussed not only in NATO member states, but also across the globe. At first it was debated at the security conference in Munich, then at NATO strategic concept seminar in Washington D.C. and will be further discussed during NATO founded seminars.

As the US-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on the conference on February 22, NATO faces a new strategic landscape, new technologies, new adversaries and new ideologies, that threaten its security across the globe, not just within its traditional trans-Atlantic boundaries. Therefore the new Strategy and NATO transformation is inevitable. The Nord Atlantic Treaty Organization must face the challenges of the 21st Century and be able to combat such threats as maritime piracy, military training of Iraqi army troops, not to mention rapidly growing terrorism etc. Therefore the core document defining NATO’s roles, missions, capabilities and strategy for managing security challenges is needed.

In our discussion club “politika.lt” on Tuesday, March 23rd, we will debate on the topic __“The new NATO strategic concept: is security guaranteed?”__ The panelists Audronius Ažubalis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Lithuania, Linas Antanas Linkevičius, Ambassador of Lithuanian Mission to NATO, Aleksandras Matonis, former Head of Lithuanian Mission in Afghanistan, will give a short introduction to the new NATO strategy and state its importance as well as impact to Lithuania.

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Die neue NATO-Strategie_ Dürfen wir uns sicher fühlen?