EcoSim Elections

The KAS together with the Young Conservative League invite to participate at the workshop series "EcoSim Elections", starting fom March 21 in the regions of Lithuania.


In the context of the next Local Elections in Lithuania in February 2011 the KAS together with the Young Conservative League starts the project “EcoSim Elections”. The project will take place in the regions of Lithuania on April 6 in Marijampolė, April 11 in Rokiškis, April 24 in Šiauliai and April 25 in Panevėžys. The project is devoted to young politically interested people, young leaders, and will be implemented in form of workshops.

During each workshop the election simulation programme will be introduced to the participants. At the beginning of the election simulation game the participants will be divided into teams, which represent different political party and have the same ranking among the electorate. Each team will have the virtual budget, which it will run and devote for media work. Moreover, each team will have to make decisions on important social, political, economic questions, present them and give reasons for their decision made. After each period of decisions the election simulation programme will count the points, which represent opinions of four social groups of society, efficiency of media reports, and acceptance of business representatives towards the presented policy of the team/political party. At the end the election simulation programme will count the ranking of each political party and the overall election turn-out as well as nominate the winner.

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Vilnius, Kaišiadorys, Marijampolė


Andreas Michael Klein

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