Fighting corruption in municipalities councils

Together with the parliamentary Commission for fighting corruption we continue our project "For Citizen's Initiative: Lithuania without Corruption" and invite to the Seminar on October 6, 2010 in Šiauliai.


The Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania declared in Spring 2010 the National Programme on fighting corruption. The programme contains the package of methods on fighting corruption and corruption prevention, which unfortunately is being implemented to slow. Therefore Parlamentarians set corruption issues on the top of their agenda for the next plenary sessions. It is foreseen to pass the legislation on corruption prevention, which contains detailed method's package on corruption prevention, higher control over financing political parties and election campaigns etc.

In the context of long lasting discussions in the Parliament and public space on corruption issues we continue our project "For Citizens Initiative: Lithuania without Corruption" and organize a seminar on October 6th in Šiauliai. Together with members of parlamentary Commission for fighting corruption, representatives of General Police Department, Border control officers we will debate on corruption dimension in Lithuanian border regions and suggest strategies on strengthening corruption prevention.

Themes and participants:

  • Corruption prevention and corruption cases

Mr. Vidmantas Mečkauskas, Head of Section for corruption risks at the Department for corruption prevention, Special Investigation Service (STT)

  • Corruption in local government and methods for higher participation of citizens at initiatives on corruption prevention

Mr. Sergejus Muravjovas, Head of the Transparency International Lithuanian Office

  • „Money laundering“ and possibilities on fighting "Money laundering" cases

Mr. Arvydas Anušauskas, MP, Chairman of Commity for National security and defense, Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

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Vilniaus Str. 263, Šiauliai