Parliamentary election debates

During parliamentary elections in the Western democracies, it has become customary for the candidates of the main political parties to engage in a debate. The discussion on main topics gives opportunity for citizens to make a responsible choise.


Parliamentary elections in Lithuania will take place on __the 12 of October 2008. Therefore the KAF and it's partner-party in Lithuania the Homeland Union/Christian democrats arrange a cycle of debates on the main topics and issues. All main political parties will take part at the debate to discuss problems and their possible solving opportunities.

First debate: September 8, with the ''September 8, with the ''ptember 8, with the ''ember 8, with the ''ber 8, with the ''r 8, with the ''8, with the '' with the ''ith the ''h the ''the ''e ''''Liberal and Centre Union__ onSocial Affairs''cial Affairs''al Affairs'' Affairs''ffairs''airs''rs''''.

Second debate: September 15, with the __Labour partyon '' '''Foreign policy__.

Third debate: September 23, with the partyOrder and Justice''der and Justice''r and Justice''and Justice''d Justice''Justice''stice''ice''e''' on __Corruption prevention.

Fourth debate: September 30, with ''September 30, with ''ptember 30, with ''ember 30, with ''ber 30, with ''r 30, with ''30, with '', with ''with ''th '' '''Lithuanian social democrats__ onEducation and Culture''ucation and Culture''ation and Culture''ion and Culture''n and Culture''and Culture''d Culture''Culture''lture''ure''e'''.

Fifth debate: October 6, with __Lithuanian social democratson '' '''Economics and State-future''onomics and State-future''omics and State-future''ics and State-future''s and State-future''and State-future''d State-future''State-future''ate-future''e-future''future''ture''re''''__.

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