Economic recession and social justice

Together with Kolping Society the KAF invites on 5.-6. of February 2010 to the seminar "Economic recession and social justice" in Troškūnai.


Every nation in Europe has painful and shameful post war and post-conflict feelings. Opening of old wounds is a temptation in times of economical crises. Lithuanian society is particularly sensitive and vulnerable while ethnicity and language isssues are brought there into politics. What “national enemies” do we know from the public debate? The CST answer: policy of reconciliation as an instrument for the social justice and its impact in the development of our country.

The Kolping Society together with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation cordially invites to the Seminar of the Christian Social Teaching __"Economic recession and social justice"__ on the 5-6 February 2010 in Troskunai. The participants will have the opportunity to hear the basics of the Christian Social Teaching doctrine and to take part at creative exercises, to contribute in discussions about the future of our country.

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Andreas Michael Klein

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Wirtschaftsrezession und soziale Gerechtigkeit