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Misinformation in Medicine Summit

Exploring the mechanics of the misinformation surrounding COVID-19, journalists, doctors and technologists convene to formulate solutions to the “infodemic”


The spread of COVID-19 has progressed in parallel with a flood of information relating to the pandemic. This has brought to the forefront the challenges of health misinformation, which the WHO has aptly labelled an “infodemic”. This not only poses a grave risk to global health, it can sow mistrust, lead people to reject public health measures and undermine public health efforts. False and misleading information has also led to mob violence, deaths and violence against public health workers. This summit will include in-depth deliberations and group discussions with frontline stakeholders: Journalists, doctors, public health specialists, policy makers, academics and technologists who have closely studied COVID-19-related misinformation.

In light of the grave consequences of health misinformation during the ongoing pandemic, this is a timely effort to find actionable insights and hands-on solutions for policy-makers, public health think tanks, journalists, fact-checkers and newsrooms who have been in the combat zone of the misinformation crisis. 

This global platform will bring together policy makers, journalists, health officials, doctors, public health researchers, local health bloggers and technologists to collaborate on issues pertaining to health misinformation and infodemic management. Our last virtual summit in 2020 brought over 620 delegates – policy makers, government officials, WHO team members, health journalists, fact-checkers and public health specialists – from over 55 countries. The depth and quality of the conversations at the summit helped to strengthen collaboration between journalists, doctors and technologists to combat the misinformation epidemic in health.


The summit aims to bring together stakeholders across health, technology and media to examine, assess and deliberate on effective ways to tackle health misinformation. In light of the grave and evolving consequences of health misinformation, during as well as post pandemic, this is a timely effort to find powerful solutions to this global public health challenge.

The sessions will entail a combination of expert talks, interviews and panel-discussions. We’ll also have hands on training sessions to equip participants with the basic tools for fact-checking health misinformation.


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