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Adenauer Media Leaders Academy 2021

The Adenauer Media Leaders Academy, following the Adenauer Fall School in the pre-pandemic years, was held as an online networking event for Adenauer Fellowship students and alumni consisting of two networking sessions, one each day, four presentations with Q&As, and one Open Discussion per day.

Topics of the session and discussions varied from various fields related to journalism, such as "War Journalism - the Dos and Don’ts of Crisis Reporting" by Prof Markus Ziener, "Journalism in Exceptional Situations" by Ulf Röller, chief foreign correspondent at the ZDF in Beijing and "Digital Journalism during the Pandemic" by Shahzeb Ahmed Hashim from the CEJ and Dawn.com as well as an artist talk, "Creation amid Restriction" with Adéọlá Ọlágúnjú, to give the students of visual and photojournalism courses a deeper insight into the possibilities of worldwide outreach.

Networking sessions were conducted by the scholarship holders and included games such as “Tell us more!”. Participants were asked to show on a map which city they are from and tell a story about their hometown. Since most of the scholarship holders are located in the Philippines, Bangladesh or India, online networking sessions were a perfect way to give them the possibility to interact and form a stronger community.

The Adenauer Media Leaders Academy had approx. 40 participants throughout two days.




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