Event Reports

Digital change: Asia News Network meets german and swiss publishing houses

The digital change is picking up speed in Asia. Especially newspaper publishers are forced to restructure their newsrooms and develop new business models. At the invitation of the KAS Media Programme Asia, a group of members of the Asia News Net-work (ANN) visited German and Swiss publishing houses to discuss opportunities and risks of the digital change for the media industry.

At the invitation of the Media Programme Asia of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), a group of selected ANN members traveled to Europe to exchange ideas on digital business models for the newspaper industry with German and Swiss publishing houses. During their stay, they were given a sneak peek into the inner workings of newspaper publishers in Europe. Some of the prominent members they met include Editor-in-Chief of Tagesanzeiger: Dr. Arthur Rutishauser, Managing Editor of Blick: Michael Ludewig, Editor-in-Chief of Swissinfo english: Dale Bechtel, Managing Editor of Die Welt: Falk Schneider, journalist and founder of the crowdfunded news magazine Krautreporter: Sebastian Esser, and editors from the Bloomberg office in Frankfurt. The meetings focused primarily on discussions about digital strategies, editorial concepts and new business models within a globalized world. Hence, both sides – Asian and European journalists – benefit from this exchange of experiences.