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European and International Affairs

European and International Affairs

Transatlantic Partnership, European Unification, Liberal World Order

The unity of Europe was a dream of a few. It became the hope of many. Today, it is a necessity for all of us. It is [...] necessary for our security, our peace, our existence as a nation and as an intellectually creative international community.

Konrad Adenauer, 1954

At a time when the realignment of global power relations is becoming increasingly obvious, Germany and Europe must adapt and expand their concepts, strategies and instruments. In the areas of foreign and European policy, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has set itself the objective of strengthening political and academic awareness of new foreign policy challenges, drawing up analysis and consulting services and contributing towards a new foreign policy culture in Germany. We do this with the help of our more than 100 country offices and our experts in Germany. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung uses its event series, its regularly published political reports and studies, podcasts, a stronger multi-media presence as well as the International Reports magazine to raise broad public awareness of European and international affairs. Which focal points and basic convictions guide us in this?


Security Is Becoming More Multifaceted and Increasingly Complex

For us, the Transatlantic Partnership and the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy are the cornerstones of our security. We want to strengthen them through our work. We believe, on the one hand, that security entails the classic military capability of national and alliance defence. Yet we know that we have to think about the concept of security in a multi-faceted way, on the other. The fight against Islamist terrorism is therefore just as high on our agenda as the complex interactions between climate change and security, and global health policy and security.


Innovations Determine Competitiveness

First and foremost, we see new innovations as an opportunity, and have tasked our country offices with keeping a close eye on how other societies are using possibilities of digitalisation. This is how we bring best practice to Germany. We are convinced that only through innovation can Germany and Europe remain economically competitive and in the political race with authoritarian models of society, while at the same time redesigning their production in an environmentally sustainable manner. On the other hand, we are aware of the challenges of digitalisation and discuss possibilities to politically shape it in terms of protecting the private sphere and our liberal social order.


Functioning Parties Support Stable Democracies

Democracy cannot function without functioning political parties! This credo also guides our work abroad. We thus strengthen and connect our partner parties in the different regions around the world and especially their young professionals, both with regard to content and to modern and value-based political communication. At the same time, we know that representative democracy facilitated by parties can be usefully complemented by participatory elements. That is why we strengthen selected civil society actors – not least in countries where free party competition cannot take place. It is particularly interested in supporting those people and institutions that champion the peaceful transition to democracy.


European Unification – Looking Ahead

We see ourselves as a European foundation. We would like to counter growing nationalist and populist tendencies in many European Union Member States. Therefore, our work in Europe fosters understanding between member states and looks to the future: What holds us together as Europeans and in what kind of Europe do we want to live together? How do we practice solidarity with our European neighbours without losing sight of the individual responsibility of each state?


Liberal World Order Must Be Reformed

Many crises in recent years not least the Corona pandemic, have illustrated how important functioning multilateral organisations are for a rules-based world order. We thus actively support the reform process of the United Nations, just like the World Trade Organisation and the World Health Organisation. For us, “multilateral world order” is always synonymous with liberal world order – both politically and economically. Today, this liberal word order is being challenged by authoritarian counter-models. That is why our work abroad is strengthening the ties with states, outside the North Atlantic region, which could be important allies in this conflict.

International Offices and Programmes

The commitment to democracy, rule of law, freedom and social market economy can only be sustainable if it is approached internationally.

Country Offices and Regional Programmes

Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.


With more than 110 offices in over 80 countries, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung pursues three main goals:

  • improving political framework conditions in the countries of operation and resolving problems in line with the foundation’s goals and values;
  • promoting the transfer of knowledge between Germany and the countries of operation;
  • creating public forums for the representation of German political and economic interests.


You can find an overview with all offices on our worldwide map

International Media Programme

Kameramann Tim Weber


A democracy only functions if freedom of the press and of expression are guaranteed. However, these basic conditions do not exist in many countries around the world. That is why our offices in Johannesburg, Singapore and Sofia support media in the respective region with accepting its political responsibility and with contributing towards the development of democracy and strengthening statutory framework conditions. This enables the emergence of an independent media landscape as well as establishing a basis for the free formation of opinions in politics and society.


Learn more about the Media Programme

International Rule of Law Programme

Weltkarte – Weltweit für den Rechtsstaat Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung


Since 1990, the foundation has complemented its international projects for democracy promotion and political dialogue with the transnational Global Rule of Law Programme. Locations of the five regional programmes are in Bogotá for Latin America, Singapore for Asia, Nairobi Dakar for Sub-Saharan Africa, Bucharest for South-East Europe and Beirut for the Middle East/North Africa. Global activities concerning the rule of law are coordinated from Berlin.


Learn more about the Rule of Law Programme

International Party and Political Dialogue

Democracy promotion is one of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s primary objectives abroad, too. For us, parties are integral actors of a functioning and vibrant democracy. That is why we promote and take care of exchange and cooperation. We support democratic parties and politically active persons that share our values. Through our work both on the ground and at regional and international level, we provide a platform for political dialogue with and between parties and their target groups. Learn more on the pages of our Regional Programmes.


Learn more about Party and Political Dialogue

International Energy Security and Climate Change Programmes

Windräder am Deich in Ostfriesland | Foto: Allie Caulfield / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 Allie Caulfield / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 / Stefan Stahlberg


Since 2015, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has played a role in strengthening supra-regional dialogue on the topics of energy, climate and environmental policy. Our Regional Programmes are located in: Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East and North Africa. Here special emphasis is placed on accompanying currents debates, developing solutions as well as promoting specific projects of sustainable action in politics, business and society. For, the curtailment of man-made global warming and associated shift away from fossil fuels envisaged by the Paris Climate Agreement, presents humanity with just as great a challenge as the consequences of climate change.


Learn more about the energy security and climate change programmes

European Offices

Das Gebäude der Europäischen Kommission mit Flaggen pixabay


The European Office Brussels has been supporting the European Union’s development since 1978. What is more, it supervises projects in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The goal is to positively influence the European integration process in the spirit of Konrad Adenauer, with EU policy being particularly important for us in this regard. The European Office sees itself as a forum for Christian Democratic interests. It primarily aims to heighten understanding of basic motives behind the unification process.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Multinational Development Policy Dialogue in Brussels shapes development policy dialogue with the European Union and NATO. In doing so, it contributes the experience and expertise of KAS’ global project work as well as the interests of German development policy to the consultation process of the European Union.


Learn more about the European Office Brussels

Learn more about Multinational Development Policy Dialogue


Selected Event Series

Strengthening the culture of debate and arousing interest in international political issues: that is the main focus of our regular event formats. This way, our foreign policy expertise reaches a broad public outside the political establishment in Berlin, and, in turn, obtains valuable insights.

F.A.Z.-KAS Debate on International Politics

F.A.Z.-KAS-Debatte 2021 in Erfurt Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. / Volker Hielscher


The annual F.A.Z.-KAS Debate on International Politics intends to play a part in reinforcing the important discussion on foreign policy issues in Germany. This debate brings together two partners with extensive experience and knowledge in international affairs: The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung with its 111 offices abroad and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which for many years has been analysing international politics with its recognised foreign policy expertise.


Learn more about the F.A.Z.-KAS Debate

Adenauer Conference

Adenauer-Konferenz mit Annegert Kramp-Karrenbauer Tobias Koch


What role does NATO play? What is the Corona pandemic affecting security policy? Where is Europe in the system competition? At the annual Symposium on Germany’s Role in International Security Policy, high-ranking politicians and experts discuss strategic issues for the future.


Learn more about the Adenauer Conference

Speech on Europe

Europa-Rede Titelbild Switsch


The Speech on Europe is the annual statement by the highest representatives of Europe: The President of the Council of the European Union, the President of the European Parliament and the President of the European Commission takes it in turns to present their positions on the idea and state of Europe. The format is a cooperation of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa and the Stiftung Zukunft Berlin.


Learn more about the Speech on Europe


Selected Podcasts

Politics for on the Move: Accessible via any Smartphone, our podcasts provide exciting insights and background information on international topics. In discussions that are easy to understand by the general public, experts as well as KAS specialists explain foreign policy events and developments, international politics and place global debates in the forefront. Thanks to the audio format, conversation partners can be reached anywhere in the world.

Auslandsinfo.Der Podcast



What obstacles do young people worldwide have to overcome, if they want to get involved in the political scene? What should development cooperation of the future look like? The podcast takes up the topics dealt with in current editions of International Reports. Authors and specialists explain international politics. 


Learn more about Auslandsinfo.Der Podcast




Election results, conflict situations, natural disaster –our podcast classifies current events and developments. KAS employees on site report from their own observations and provide exclusive background information.


Learn more about Auslandsinfo.Aktuell


Schriftzug-Visual des Auslandsinformationen-Podcasts Spotlight in türkis


Background information in which there is no space in the news or topics underexposed in the media – the “Spotlight” podcast gives them the attention they deserve: Hence, scarcely addressed ongoing crises are examined, geopolitical shifts are explained and connections are established.


Learn more about Auslandsinfo.Spotlight


Visual Multipod


How does the United Nations Human Rights Council work? What multilateral alliances are there in Latin America? And why is arms control important? From New York to Brussels, Geneva and Vienna to Singapore - in the MultiPod, once a month we talk about current international and multilateral issues. Besides experts from international organisations, our colleagues from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s worldwide network of country offices have their say. They classify processes in depth, explain connections and provide background information.


Learn more about Multipod

Rule of Law Rules

Rule of Law Rules, Staffel 2 (de)


What value is accorded to human rights in the digital age? We speak to international experts about data protection, legal tech and the use of artificial intelligence.


Learn more about the Rule of Law Rules


Anniversary: 60 Years of International Work

Our international engagement began in the 1960s in Latin America. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is now represented on all continents with over 100 offices in more than 80 countries. With its projects, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung campaigns worldwide for the rule of law, multilateralism, climate protection and social market economy.

On the Beginnings and Development of Work Abroad

60 Jahre Internationale Arbeit der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung


The world has changed dramatically over the last 60 years. Yet the mission of realising a political, social and economic order based on human dignity in all parts of the world, has remained. Here you can read, see and hear all about the beginnings and development of our work abroad.


Learn more about the beginnings and developments of the work abroad


International Elections 2022: When? What? Where?

A direct look at elections in all regions of the world as well as further links are provided here in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s country offices.

Interaktive Karte zu internationalen Wahlen

Click on the thumbnail to open the interactive view of the map.


Dr. Gerhard Wahlers

Dr. Gerhard Wahlers

Deputy Secretary General and Head of the Division European and International Cooperation

Gerhard.Wahlers@kas.de +49 30 26996-3260 +49 30 26996-3567

Clauspeter Hill

Clauspeter Hill bild

Deputy Head of the Division European and International Cooperation

clauspeter.hill@kas.de +49 30 26996-3481 +49 30 26996-3552

Frank Priess

Frank Priess

Deputy Head of the Division European and International Cooperation

Frank.Priess@kas.de +49 30 26996-3527 +49 30 26996-3557

Publications to the topic

Slowenische Parlamentswahl REUTERS / Borut Zivulovic
Die erste Runde der Kommunalwahlen in Slowenien
Das Superwahljahr in Slowenien wird fortgesetzt
Der südafrikanische Präsident Cyril Ramaphosa hört während des BRICS-Gipfels in Johannesburg, Südafrika, am 26. Juli 2018 zu. Gulshan Khan, Reuters.
Zwischen den Stühlen
Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländer im sich verschärfenden Systemkonflikt
 Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin (R) geht am 11. November 2014 während des Forums der Asiatisch-Pazifischen Wirtschaftskooperation (APEC) im Internationalen Kongresszentrum am Yanqi-See im Bezirk Huairou von Peking an Chinas Präsident Xi Jinping vorbei. Kim Kyung-Hoon, Reuters.
Vom Biss des Bären lernen, den Drachen zu bändigen?
Implikationen des russischen Angriffskrieges für Deutschlands neue Chinastrategie
Der EU-Außenbeauftragte und Vizepräsident der Europäischen Kommission, Josep Borrell, sieht zu, wie Brasiliens Außenminister Carlos Franca während einer Pressekonferenz nach einem Treffen im Itamaraty-Palast in Brasilia, Brasilien, am 4. November 2021 spricht. Adriano Machado, Reuters.
Höchste Zeit, zu handeln
Europa muss dem Werben Chinas und Russlands in Lateinamerika entschiedener entgegentreten
Chinas Außenminister Wang Yi spricht während eines hochrangigen Treffens des Sicherheitsrates der Vereinten Nationen über die Situation inmitten der russischen Invasion in der Ukraine auf der 77. Sitzung der Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen im UN-Hauptquartier in New York City, USA, 22. September 2022. Brendan McDermid, Reuters.
Das Ringen um Einfluss
Die Vereinten Nationen als Spielfeld des Systemwettbewerbs
Report cover KAS MDPD
Global Climate Alliance For Accelerated Climate Action
The GCA Collaborative is proposing an open and inclusive global agreement to massively accelerate the Global South’s progress to net-zero emissions.
Conflict Weekly
Conflict Weekly #148, 3 November 2022, Vol.3, No.31
An initiative by NIAS-IPRI and KAS-India Office
Pirc Musar wins second round of presidential elections in Ljubljana | Foto: REUTERS/Borut Zivulovic REUTERS/Borut Zivulovic
Die erste Frau an der Spitze Sloweniens: Neue Präsidentin – neue Dynamiken?
Ein Blick auf die politische Bühne im Land
35th Special Session of UN Human Rights Council on Islamic Republic of Iran
Map of the Month 11/2022
Nana Akufo-Addo Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e. V.
Weltpolitik gestalten
Ghanas Vorsitz im Sicherheitsrat der Vereinten Nationen
Cover Photo
New Realities of Multilateralism
Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs
Ist die Demokratie resilient genug gegen Desinformationskampagnen?
Einblicke in die Nachtseite von Social Media
Sicherheitsrelevante Entwicklungen in den tschetschenischen Gemeinschaften in Deutschland
Security-related developments in the Chechen communities in Germany
How Antidemocrats Struggle for Influence in the Shadow of Foreclosure Tendencies and Generational Conflicts
Manfred Weber y Olaf Jacob
Manfred Weber, presidente del Partido Popular Europeo y eurodiputado, visita oficina de la KAS Chile
Manfred Weber viaja a Chile y Argentina
Cover 2022 Western_Balkans_Accession_to_EU_Lessons_for_Ukraine 2022 UCEP
Western Balkans Accession to EU: Lessons for Ukraine
Analytical Paper
Neuer Ministerpräsident im Irak Mohammed Shia al-Sudani Reuters / Handout
Neue Regierung im Irak
Benjamin Netanyahu Reuters / Ronen Zvulun
Netanjahus Tanz auf dem Vulkan
Israel nach den Wahlen
Conflict Weekly
Conflict Weekly #147, 27 October 2022, Vol.3, No.30
An initiative by NIAS-IPRI and KAS-India Office
Rishi Sunak verlässt 10 Downing Street REUTERS / John Sibley
Diversity and democracy in the Conservative Party
Over time, the Conservatives have come to look and sound a little more like the country they aspire to run.

Events on the topic



Green New Europe - kann die EU das Klima retten?
Live kommentierte Multimediadokumentation mit Ingo Espenschied



Die Arktis schmilzt !
Machtpolitische Jagdszenen um Bodenschätze und neue Schifffahrtswege im Schatten des Klimawandels



Die neue Weltunordnung
Wie sich der Westen selbst zerstört



„Nationalhymnen der Welt“
Abendveranstaltung mit Dr. Clemens Escher und Voice Over Piano

Event reports on the topic

Delegation Ukraine KAS
Akute Hilfe, Wiederaufbau, Partnerschaft
Drei Abgeordnete aus der Ukraine besuchten NRW.
Von Jürgen Zurheide moderiertes Gespräch zur europäischen Zusammenarbeit und Energiesicherheit, mit Nathanael Liminski, Ralf Sikorski, Moritz Döbler und Caroline Kanter Stahr/Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.
Viel mehr als ein reines Wirtschaftsprojekt
Die Montanindustrie und die deutsch-französischen Beziehungen seit der Gründung der Europäischen Gemeinschaft für Kohle und Stahl
Ich werde nicht hassen: Meine Töchter starben, meine Hoffnung lebt weiter
Die Geschichte von Prof. Izzeldin Abuelaish
Aussen- und Sicherheitspolitisches Forum 17.11.2022 in Aachen
#KAS4SECURITY "Was bedeutet Sicherheit in der heutigen Zeit?"
1. Aachener Zukunftsforum für ein wehrhaftes Europa
Dr. Werner Hoyes, Europa Rede 2022 Juliane Liebers
Europa-Rede 2022
KAS Büro Ecuador mit Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert und Dr. Gerhard Wahlers
Feierliche Eröffnung unseres Büros in Quito
Johannes Hügel übernimmt Leitung vor Ort
Neusser Stadtgespräch 14.11.2022
Gemeinsam für ein starkes Europa!
Neusser Stadtgespräch unter der Schirmherrschaft von Hermann Gröhe MdB mit Manfred Weber MdEP
Diskussion am 2. November in Potsdam zum Thema Landesgruppe Brandenburg des Verbands der Reservisten der Deutschen Bundeswehr e.V.
Vorstöße Russlands zur Aufnahme von Verhandlungen denkbar
Diskussion "Wie umgehen mit Russland?" am 2. November 2022 in Potsdam
KAS-Stipendiaten aus Afrika Martin Reuber
Gemeinsam gehen will gelernt sein
Ein Werkstattbericht über die Zukunft der afrikanisch-europäischen Partnerschaft
1. Jugendtag für Europa
Welches Europa wollen wir sein?
1. Jugendtag für Europa
IMG_1 Moritz Fink
Wichtigkeit von innovativen Diagnostika zur Gesundheitssystemstärkung & Pandemievorsorge
Offizielles Side-Event am World Health Summit der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
Simon Engelkes Thomas Ehlen / kas.de
Sechs Wochen vor der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft
Politische und wirtschaftliche Potenziale in Katar und den Nachbarstaaten am Persischen Golf / Eine Bilanz des Wiesbadener Tischgesprächs 10. Oktober 2022
Twitter-Spaces „Die Agrarmärkte und der internationale Handel im Zeitalter des russischen Angriffskri...
Bonner Forum KAS/Aschoff
„Es ist Zeit, dass wir zurückgeben, was wir einst erhalten haben.“
5. Bonner Forum zur Einheit
Marion Sendker im Gespräch mit Dr. Adrian Haack kas.de
75 Jahre nach der Unabhängigkeit: Indiens Perspektive im globalen Machtgefüge
Eine Bilanz des 35. #HessenKAS Facebook-Live am 21.09.2022
Die Gäste der Zukunftswerkstatt: (v.l.n.r.) Andreas Noll, Journalist, Prof. Dr. Natacha Valla, Ökonomin und Dekanin der Sciences Po, Paris, Nikolas Záboji, Wirtschaftskorrespondent der FAZ, Paris Martin Reuber
Reichen die Maßnahmen gegen die steigende Inflation?
Ein deutsch-französisches Streitgespräch über die aktuellen Maßnahmen zur Bekämpfung des Kaufkraftverlustes
Dr. Konstantinos Tsetsos und Frederik Schmitt (von links) Thomas Ehlen /kas.de
Aufgewacht in einer „anderen Welt“? Welche Beiträge Deutschland jetzt leisten muss
Eine Bilanz des Fuldaer Gesprächs 14. September 2022
Maia Sandu Overview Bild 3 Tag der KAS 2022 Photothek / Leon Kügeler
"Energie mag teurer werden, aber Freiheit ist unbezahlbar"
Tag der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung 2022
Grevenbroicher Schlossgespräch 03.09.2022
Krieg in Europa - Was bedeutet das für Deutschland?
Grevenbroicher Schlossgespräch unter der Schirmherrschaft von Hermann Gröhe MdB
Journalismus in Zeiten des Krieges
Journalismus in Zeiten des Krieges
18. Medienrechtstage in Frankfurt (Oder)

Media library

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#9 Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) - Hon. Wilfred Saka (2/2) #KAS4Democracy #KAS4Youth
Meet Hon. Wilfred Saka, Member of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) in Uganda.
Artykuł w GW po debacie z ambasadorem Rüdigerem von Fritschem...
Punkt zwrotny. Wojna Putina i jej konsekwencje
"Putin to człowiek służb, myśli w kategoriach spiskowych". Były niemiecki ambasador pisze w książce o Rosji i przyczynach wojny - opisuje Aleksander Sławiński w GW
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"Global Responses to Climate Risk Mitigation: A Spotlight on Pakistan Floods."
Farwa Aamer (@faamer @StimsonCenter) sits down with Amb. Asad Majeed Khan (@asadmk17), Pakistan’s Ambassador to the EU, Belgium, and Luxembourg,
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#8 Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) - Hon. Wilfred Saka (part 1/2)
In this video, Hon. Saka speaks about the challenges that Uganda is facing hosting 1,6 million refugees.
E-lection Bridge Conference 2022: Côte d'Ivoire
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Video #PodKAS series 'Bridging Voices' @ linktr.ee/MDPD
“The importance of increasing the number of women in political parties.”
Our guests speak about their experiences towards becoming role models for younger women to enter political parties. Tune in and listen what they have to say!
"Unter uns" sreda, 26. oktobar 2022. 17.00-18.30 h
"Uticaj rata u Ukrajini na pregovore Beograda i Prištine"
Gost: Stefan Surlić, docent na Fakultetu političkih nauka i KAS alumnista / Moderacija: Ognjen Ostojić - stipendista KASa / Izveštaj: Grlica Golušin - stipendistkinja KASa
Alle zwei Jahre wieder
Warum die USA schon wieder wählen
In den USA heißt es: „Nach dem Wahlkampf ist vor dem Wahlkampf“. Alle 2 Jahre gibt es Wahlen, bei denen das ganze Repräsentantenhaus und ein Drittel des Senats neu gewählt werden.
Podcast Erststimme #56
Internationaler Handel zwischen Effizienz, Nachhaltigkeit und Resilienz
Im Rahmen unserer Freihandelswoche sprechen wir mit Prof. Dr. Galina Kolev. #TradeofTomorrow
Wahlen in Brasilien – nach der Wahl ist vor der Wahl
Wer wird nächster Präsident in Brasilien? Ende Oktober treten Amtsinhaber Jair Bolsonaro und der ehemalige Präsident „Lula“ da Silva in einer Stichwahl gegeneinander an.
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