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Media Programme launches KAS E-election Bridge Asia-Pacific

by Torben Stephan
Dr. Klaus Schüler, CDU Managing Director, and Oliver Röseler, Marketing Head of the Christian Democrat Party, came to Bangkok to support the Media Programme Asia in initiating the KAS E-lection Bridge Asia-Pacific.

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The two highly experienced political communication advisors made their way to Thailand to share their campaign insights and provide some valuable ideas and suggestions for the buildup of an Asia-Pacific based E-lection bridge. In front of an audience of journalists, political actors and scientists, Schüler and Röseler reported in full about their experience made during Angela Merkel’s successful 2013 federal election campaign.

According to Klaus Schüler, the key to successful campaigning is all about planning: "Failing to plan, is planning to fail". With regard to this premise, Schüler recruited his campaign team. His strategy was clearly structured with flat hierarchies, a defined scope of responsibilities and quick decision-making.

Oliver Röseler's marketing strategy was to merge print and online campaigns. All messages spread on YouTube and Twitter, according to him, should not deviate from ads placed in newspapers and campaign posters. Further, the response time in terms of crises should be as short as possible: "A rumour that is uncommented on the Internet becomes a fact". However, critical comments on the party's Facebook pages should be tolerated and faced appropriately. As long as the so-called 'netiquette' is retained, it can be part of a legitimate online campaign.

Röseler also recommended all attendees from the Asia-Pacific region to communicate content in an authentic and genuine manner. The presentation of Angela Merkel's mega sized election poster and the CDU mobile app, triggered excitement in the auditorium.

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Torben Stephan


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