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Conference: The Role of Central Europe for the Future of the EU

The Embassy of Hungary, KAS, AIES and the Vienna School of International Studies invites you to join "The Conference on the Role of Central Europe for the Future of the EU"


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There is no doubt that the European Union can only play a decisive role in our globalized world if it is strong and united. The Russian attack on Ukraine has united all EU member states. However, discomfort and centrifugal forces can be seen among the member states. We think it is important to address these divides. Against this background, the conference on the future of Europe offered an excellent opportunity to bring together the various positions and proposals on how to strengthen the European Union.

Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia are Central European countries with deep cultural connections and common history. Until today, there are strong connections. Most of them share in addition the experience of a totalitarian political system. It is important to know their answers to the challenges and thus to be able to develop common strategies for the EU as a whole. We want to build bridges, we want to help build trust, we want to bring together the different perspectives on the challenges the European Union is facing.

The conference on the role of Central Europe in the future of European Union is to take place on the initiative of the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna and the Multilateral Dialogue KAS in Vienna. In order to prepare, the KAS was holding workshops with representatives from these countries, the end results will be discussed at the conference on the 30th May in Vienna. We are expecting think-tank representatives from the eight Central European countries to attend the event, and we hope for a really exciting professional dialogue.

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