About us

Welcome to the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung!

The Multilateral Dialogue KAS office in Vienna was opened as a venue for multilateral and bilateral exchange and discourse in December 2018. We follow the guiding principles of the European ideals as well as the Christian democratic values. The leading themes of our work include representative democracy, innovation and security. Key elements include establishing in-depth contacts with partners and experts from the worldwide KAS network as well as with international organizations in Vienna. We also offer a venue for the discussion of current issues and the dialogue between political parties.

We are committed to strengthening multilateralism, to democratic and rule-based principles, for the consolidation of the European Union and the security of Europe. Our most important instrument for furthering understanding and conflict resolution is in fostering dialogue between different actors.

Our main focus is on foreign and security policy, especially with regard to the work of the OSCE and the corresponding Vienna-based institutions such as the IAEA and other UN organizations. This includes manifold topics like climate protection, migration, digitalisation, disarmament and arms control.

For the KAS the furthering of dialogue between relevant parties is crucial for the consolidation of the European Union. The challenges facing the European Union can only be solved jointly. To further the achievement of this goal, we view representative democracy and political parties as indispensable pillars of parliamentary democracy.

Through conferences, workshops and seminars, we invite experts and interested parties from politics, science, industry and international organizations and NGOs to participate in discussions and our search for solutions.