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Nigeria Press Review

22.04. – 29.04.2022

Welcome to Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Nigeria Weekly Press Review

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The weekly press review seeks to explore and keep you informed on selected issues relating to politics, business and economy, insecurity, infrastructure and development, health related issues, new trends and matters bothering on Covid-19 and the situation in Nigeria.

This week's content

  • Covid-19: Nigeria Experiences Reduction in Cases, Deaths, Receives 9 Million Doses of Cholera Vaccine to Fight Spread

  • EndSARS Panel Orders Arrest of Two Police Officers, 83% Taxpayers in Nigeria Evade Payment of Tax, Nigeria Looses 500 million Dollars to Cybercrime, Total Energies Put of Sale of Minority Stocks in Nigeria, UK-Nigeria to Improve Trade Partnership with 3.2 billion Pounds, Nigeria Risks Third Recession in Seven Years, FG to Position Export-Oriented Businesses in Nigeria, President Buhari Says Farmer-Herders Crisis Costing Nigeria 14 billion Dollars Loss Annually, Nigeria is Behind on Ending Child Malnutrition by 2030

  • 250 Plus Female Candidates Aspire for Various Position Under PDP, former Senate President Says Lack of Accountability is Responsible for Insecurity, Vice President Osinbajo Describes his Presidential Aspiration as True Loyalty to Nigeria, Senate Assure Quick Passage of Nigeria Startup Bill Following Protest

  • Insecurity: Nigeria Army to Deploy Troops to Gambia, Death Toll in Imo Explosion Rises to 110, State Security Service Warn of Impending Bomb Attack

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About this series

Here you can find the press reports from the Nigeria Office.

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