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Nigeria Press Review

10.06. – 17.06.2022

Welcome to Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Nigeria Weekly Press Review

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The weekly press review seeks to explore and keep you informed on selected issues relating to politics, business and economy, insecurity, infrastructure and development, health related issues, new trends and matters bothering on Covid-19 and the situation in Nigeria.

This week's content

  • Covid-19: Nigeria Records 240 Cases in One Week

  • Inflations Rates Rises to 17.71%, Nigeria Loses Against JP Morgan in USD 1.7 billion Contract Breach Case, Blackout Across Nigeria Following Electricity Grid Collapse, FG Announces New Regulations for Internet Platforms Operating in the Country

  • Finance Minister Says Nigeria Facing Revenue Challenges, Atiku Announces Vice Presidential Candidate, Tinubu Includes Place Holder as Running Mate

  • Insecurity: Governor Fayemi Alleges Terrorism Financing from South West Attacks, Gunmen Free Hostages of Train Attack in Exchange for Their Captured Children, Anambra State Successful in Combatting Crime and Insecurity

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About this series

Here you can find the press reports from the Nigeria Office.

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